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Tall, Taller, Tallest

Tall people in the front, taller in the middle, and tallest in the final row…

Sometimes in life it feels like every moment is a challenge but in reality, every moment can be a leadership moment.

The following are examples of some extraordinary leadership elements showcased by folks standing in each of the three rows.


TALL:  Every Moment Leader “Jumbo”

This section is dedicated to a pocket-sized, large-hearted café server. His name is Jumbo. Yes!! You got it right; his name is Jumbo. His name and physical structure are so contrasting that he becomes a very interesting personality just because of his name. He could have chosen to be a shy and not-so-confident backend person in the café. However, he chose the opposite side of the spectrum. He works with a lot of pride at the business front of the café. He moves throughout the cafe with an effervescent, vibrant smile on his face. You can meet him early morning or catch him late night; his infectious SMILE never fades away. We find many people lacking confidence (even people with leadership positions in organizations) because the focus is on “what I do NOT have” instead of, “what I have” and how to make optimum use of it. Jumbo chose to be a confident, ever-smiling happy soul.

He also does a meticulous job of fabricating some of the best coffee-based drinks. He makes a beautiful heart on the top of the coffee and serves it with loads of love to each and every guest at his café. When he observes that a child is very inquisitive and curious about the process of coffee making, he takes time out to personally teach some of the magic as well. Meticulousness, personalization, and an observant nature are hallmarks of great leaders. JUMBO certainly displays these traits every day at his workplace with a bubbling smile. JUMBO is a leader… are YOU?

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TALLER:  Every Moment Leader “Prerna”

All the sisters and brothers who have dedicated their lives to serving humanity by healing patients at hospitals are nothing short of angels. Prerna is a beautiful person who has nothing but deep empathy for her patients. At the prominent Delhi hospital where she works, she continuously serves her patients with a smile and motivates them, ensuring them that they will be fine eventually. I remember her as a person who creates a positive environment in a crisis situation. The compassion with which she goes about her role is such an inspiration (truly living up to her name “Prerna”). Prerna has the ability to encourage the heart of a person on the hospital bed. I am sure if we could perform the role of a nurse for just one day in our lives, we could improve our human leadership quotient by a huge margin.

If you have to experience the doctrines of servant leadership, you should observe the nurses at hospitals and healing centres. They have dedicated their entire lives to serving others.  Deep empathy and compassion are bedrocks of servant leadership. Prerna is a leader… are YOU?


TALLEST:  Every Moment Leader “Shiva Kumar”

You just cannot miss Shiva if you are at Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore. He takes charge of security at the entrance of the hotel. He is the man with the unique attire, extra-large moustache, big broad shoulders, and most importantly, a wide confident smile oozing with extraordinary energy levels. He walks up to each and every guest and offers a firm handshake, passing along high energy to each and every person entering the hotel. There is something out of the ordinary about him. We conduct different leadership workshops for our clients in the Royal Orchid Hotel regularly, and there has not been a single instance when he was not exuding supreme energy levels. You meet him at 8 am or 8 pm and there is no difference; this man is the same throughout the day. I was intrigued to know more about him because of the difference he creates in the lives of his guests. On the other hand, we happen to meet many managers and leaders who are no match to this big man in terms of energy and confidence. What’s happening here? I invariably ask my guests attending our workshops “Did you notice Shiva Kumar at the entrance of the hotel?” The response is “YES!!” You cannot miss him. Shiva’s positive energy resonates with everybody.

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If you have to put a face to the Royal Orchid Hotel, Bangalore, it would be Shiva. They say the first impression is a lasting impression. Shiva, being the face of the hotel, definitely enhances the overall experience for guests. He has done this phenomenal work for the past 17 years consistently. He displays leadership on a daily basis by creating a positive and vibrant environment for everyone who interacts with him. Leadership is certainly not about job titles; instead, it is one of the fundamental roles that you can play if you are totally passionate about whatever you do. Leadership is also about the body language that you carry and the energy you display consistently. If people get energized and are willing to go beyond their respective roles due to your presence, you are displaying top-notch leadership traits. Shiva is a leader… are YOU?

Leadership can be observed in all walks of life. If you see the spark of leadership in extraordinary folks like Jumbo (Tall), Prerna (Taller), and Shiva (Tallest), please take time out to share your feelings openly and passionately. It will serve as an inspiration to each one of them and create more leaders in the overall ecosystem. This is what we call “every moment leadership.”

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