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Induction program done virtually


To plan a virtual team building session for the summers interns of PVMI as part of their induction with the objective of they getting to know each other on an informal level


The HR Manager of PVMI approached us for this. The discussions had started before the lockdown started. At that time the plan was to run an activity at their office. After the lockdown started and running face to face workshops was not an option, we quickly got together as a team to brainstorm virtual alternatives. After a couple of hours, a new activity ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ was born. We pitched the plan to the client and they instantly liked it.

The key idea of the activity was to get the new team members to know each other better – at an informal level. As future colleagues, knowing different facets of others (their aspirations, fears, hobbies, achievements, dreams, values etc.) deeply helps in establishing an instant connection between new inductees. Working together hence becomes much easier.

We worked closely with the client to do the pre-program work, that was shared with the participants along with a zoom (platform client choose to run this session on) invite. Participants were asked to come prepared and come with an open mind.

The group was pre-divided into teams by the client and the list was shared with us.

<!–On the day of the Masterclass, the client himself moderated the session along with the FocusU advisor. The 60 minutes session by Simon Taufel was extremely well received. The session was capped by an open Q&A session that saw great participation from the audience.

–> Execution of the activity:

Time – 15 mins
• At the scheduled time, participants logged in to the session via the Zoom link
• The facilitator started the session by welcoming the participants and kicked off the session with a few fun virtual energizers!
• The group was divided into 4 teams of 5 participants each (as was pre-decided by Perfetti).
• The lead facilitator then briefed the participants about the activity, along with objectives, instructions & end goals

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Time – 35 mins
• Each team was sent to the breakout rooms where they did the sharing in a certain manner that was briefed to them.
• After the sharing in the breakout rooms, all the teams we re-congregated.
• The facilitator then enquired with the teams about the strategy they had adopted to ensure maximum sharing within their groups. Interesting methods emerged
• The participants were then introduced to a customised design software and were given a quick crash course on the same
• Each participant was then tasked to make a creative profile or slambook of sorts for one other member in their team using the information they gathered during the sharing

Time – 15 mins
• We downloaded those profiles from the editing software and shared them with those for whom they were created. Participants were asked to share in about 30 seconds – how they feel about their profiles.
• The session was then debriefed around some values of the organization.

A sample profile that was created during the activity:


Here is what Dibyo Choudhary,HR Manager, PVMI had to say after this workshop:

“I would like to congratulate and thank you for helping PVMI with such an engaging and fun session for the summer interns as part of their Induction. You already had various options for the session in mind when we were planning for the induction in our office. But when Covid19 situation led to the lockdown, you were able to quickly suggest us other options, which could be done on a virtual manner. It was wonderful working with the team who were ready with the entire flow of the program from Day 1 and were able to execute it exactly how we had planned the sessions to be. The session held true to what we at PVMI stand for – Fun, Connecting and Enriching.

Even in a virtual session they were able to maintain the mood as we have got used to during FocusU physical sessions. Last but not least, I would like to thank them also for helping us with such a beautiful video and posters of the interns. They were always available to help us make the video and the posters look perfect. The entire management of PVMI was really appreciative of what we had to show at the end of the session.

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Thanks to the entire team of FocusU who made it possible and helped us in giving a very differentiated experience to our Interns”

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