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PayPal | 21 day Wellness Challenge


PayPal | Mind Over Matter Challenge: A 21-day wellness journey using microlearning and gamification.


The objective of this 21-day journey was to:
● Encourage participant wellbeing.
● Introduce participants to various wellness challenges ranging from movement, meditation, nutrition and more.
● Take the participants mind off from the current grim situation and re-focus it to enhance overall wellbeing .

With the Pandemic period stretching, employees were required to stay confined in their homes. Balancing work life and personal life, coupled with the monotony of staying at one place and not being able to meet with friends and colleagues had created an understandable strain in their lives.

Solution & Execution
The 21-day wellness journey was designed with the objective of alleviating the boredom and building stronger team cohesiveness.

There was a new challenge launched each day for all 21 days. The challenges were curated such that it positively impacts the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the participants.

The idea of spreading the challenges over 21 days was also to ensure that if someone can consciously stay motivated for 21 days, the likelihood of staying motivated for long after the engagement is over, is quite high.

These were the list of 21 challenges covered:
1. The walking challenge
2. The long weekend sleep challenge
3. The hydration challenge
4. The staycation challenge
5. The skipping challenge
6. The healthy hacks challenge
7. The mental wellness and meditation challenge
8. The plank challenge
9. The lockdown hobbies challenge
10. The readers’ club challenge
11. The yoga challenge
12. ‘PayPal’s Got Talent’ challenge
13. The ‘bloopers’: a time-honored tradition challenge
14. The mid-week de-stressor painting challenge
15. The gratitude challenge
16. The nutrition challenge
17. The ‘go-green’ challenge
18. The OTT platform recommendations challenge
19. The laughter challenge
20. The stretching challenge
21. The finale challenge

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Here are a few screen snapshots of the app through which the whole challenge was delivered seamlessly to the participants:


With 104 active participants, spread over 20 teams, there were a whopping 2013 completions. The learning journey was complemented by a leaderboard which kept the competition on and an activity feed which kept the engagement going.

Some tangible benefits:
● The participants were able to connect with one another at a deeper level
● They were engaged and were looking forward to each day for it unfolded a new activity
● Above all, several participants mentioned that they will incorporate some of the activities from the 21-day challenge in their daily routines

This is what Kavitha Puttaswamy, our client stakeholder from PayPal had to say about the Mind Over Matter Challenge:
Mind over matter Challenge was meticulously organized. It was very engaging and refreshing for all the participants. We received a series of positive feedback as to how these challenges have been impactful and energizing to kick start the day. Each Challenge was well thought out keeping all our current state of mind. There was a mix of fun challenges as well as fitness and a few of them made us all nostalgic. Overall, it was fun to have been introduced to such a Challenge to bring the best out of us all. Keep up the good work as always.

We also asked the participants how they liked the 21-day Mind Over Matter Challenge and if they would like to rate it on a scale of 1-10, and this is what they had to say:
Loved the challenges. Taught me a lot more about myself.

Awesome – obviously 10 from my end. It was very good to enjoy. A few challenges were tough and stretched us as we had to do videos which was not my cup of tea. Still have tried my level best and I thank PayPal and team for such a wonderful challenge.

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Definitely made me to reflect back what I did for all these years and helped me to watch out what I am capable of and what I missed.

This was an exceptional, well planned and an inclusive arrangement. Wonderfully planned and pushing people to come out of mundane work routine and live life. I would rate 10/10.

10 – It was amazing, something I looked forward to everyday. Will have to find something new now or maybe redo all of these again.

Would love to rate 10. loved this as it gave an opportunity to go back to my memories and get connected again. Thank you so much.

10, Such fun challenges and so many people participating virtually. Great last 21 days and new perspective to life.

10 – It was a great step to find a new hobby new passion to overcome stress and depression in the current situation.

To know more click here: The 21 day challenge or contact us.

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