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Novartis | Leadership Immersion


Novartis | Leadership Immersion


Stage an experience in the local environment of Mumbai city, through which a group of Country heads can be coached to pick out leadership lessons and insights, by their Global CEO.


To get an immersion into an authentic Mumbai experience, two experiences were suggested – of which the engagement with the legendary Dabbawallahs of Mumbai was chosen for its learning insights.

On the day, the team was first given a brief introduction into the Dabbawallahs and the incredible fact that they actually run a six sigma operation, despite having very low levels of education. A HBR article on the same was also shared for them to munch over the details. Immediately after, the teams were split into two groups and taken to the modest headquarters of the Dabbawallah organization in Dadar. There they were addressed by the secretary of the organization and given some insights into their operations.

Then began the challenge. Each of the teams, equipped with handycams were to trail the Dabbawallahs through their entire route from the collection points to the delivery points. This involved getting a sense of the busy routes, the crowded stations, the special wagons on the local trains reserved for Dabbawallahs, understanding the coding mechanisms and finally actually meeting up and interviewing an end customer to check his experience!

When all this was done, the teams then needed to come together to tease out the leadership insight from the whole experience. All this was shot and put together as a small documentary. You could see one of these out here on our website: https://focusu.com/the-dabbawala-challenge/


Here is what Aarti Mudaliar, the HR Business Partner of the team had to say about the whole intervention:

“It has been a pleasure and fun to collaborate with Team FocusU which has always resulted in a WOW experience for my business team across levels coupled with a lot of learning and memories to cherish. Their passion for the work they do and strong execution ensure that Ideas are brought to Life and interventions are impactful with a real-life relevance to the business context. All the very best to you and look forward to opportunities to collaborate with you in the future.”

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