Article on "Teamwork at the top": Mckinsey Quarterly - FocusU

Article on “Teamwork at the top”: Mckinsey Quarterly

This article from McKinsey Quarterly looks at identifying some of the common issues that plague top management teams across organizations and also offers honest insights into actions that can kick-start the development of a good team at the top.

Organizations across the world have identified the importance of having a strong team at the top but fail to set down criteria for identifying key leadership talent and developing them once recruited as leaders.

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The authors clearly identify, based on their research, the top issues that require attention, some of which are shared below.

  • Confused Direction
  • Lack of in-depth – understanding
  • Poor dialogue
  • Insularity
  • Ineffective interaction

Some of the key areas that they advise organizations to work on for improving effectiveness of teams at the top include

  • Addressing a number of issues concurrently
  • Channel discontent within team
  • Minimizing outside intrusions.
  • Encouraging inquiry and reflection

Do check out the full article.

Definitely worth a read for anyone involved in working with top management teams.

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