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Are You Hiring Employees Or Owners?

Are you the proverbial employee or the owner of your company?

It requires enormous courage to treat people working for you like owners instead of machines . Machines do their jobs but owners do whatever is needed to make their organisation and teams successful. Google has made fascinating discoveries on how to find, grow, and keep people in an environment of freedom, creativity and play. Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted to create a company where work was meaningful, employees feel free to pursue their passions and people and families feel cared for. 

Stay Inspired

As per their values, when you try to change the world, you are working on important things. You feel excited to get up in the morning. You want to be working on meaningful and impactful projects and that’s the thing which is in shortage in the world. 

Company Visions Make A Difference

Many of the meaningful , effective and beloved people practices currently followed by Google today  sprouted from seeds planted by Larry and Sergey.
Here are some of the finest and relatable (for us, at FocusU) examples –

  • – Weekly all employee meetings which began when the company had a handful of people, continue even when the company is the size of a respectable city. 
  • Insistence that hiring decisions be made as a group as finally you have to work as a team player
  • Employees sharing about what they were working on, turned into hours of tech talks

Drawing Parallels

Larry and Sergey, both deliberately left space for others to act as founders. They wanted brilliance to work free from the scrutinising eyes of management. At FocusU, we resonate with this attitude. After long hours of search, telephonic chats, we call our probable team players and subject them to meeting many of us. While skills and experience is hygiene, a values match is just as important for us. People who pursue interests apart from work always have an affinity with us. 

“You’re Hired!”

Our search process takes long. But we rather get it right than making a mistake by rushing into a hire. Not that we get it right all the time! We have had instances where skill or values mismatch have shown up into 3 months of working with us and we have had to call off the engagement. Everyone at FocusU is a hero…here to play a unique role. Each one is encouraged to give full play to their potential, focused on meeting their goals. Yet we are stitched together to play as one team.


At FocusU, display of ownership is recognised. Hunger to learn new things by way of reading books, knowledge sharing, creating new program designs, pursuing learning outside the strict purview of their roles (and which could enhance their capability at FocusU)…all find traction here.

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