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Abbott India | Very Large Group Engagement


Abbott India | Very Large Group Engagement


The challenge was to engage the 2800 strong sales team of Abbott India in a two-part event. The team comprised multiple business units with varying team strengths. The first part of the event needed to involve the teams working in their business unit level groups and the second part on Day 2 needed to involve all 2800 people coming together for a common cause. Adding to the complexity, the first day needed to be facilitated in seven different locations across the city for groups varying from 200- 1200! The theme of the event was Shikhar – symbolizing growth. Any activity design had to fit with the context of the event as well and result in an unveiling of the Shikhar Logo as a finale event!


After iterating multiple design options, we arrived at the solution – The Shikhar Challenge. A team of more than 35 facilitators delivered the day 1 of the event in 7 different hotels in NCR. The Shikhar Challenge involved participants in each location working in smaller groups to create self-standing pyramids of around 4 ft height from cardboard kits specially designed for the event.

The challenge required teams to use their collaborative skills, execution and team work to assemble the pyramids. But this was only part of the challenge! Each of the smaller teams had to come together as one unit to assemble 19 of these smaller pyramids into one giant pyramid around 10 feet high. Seeing the big pyramids come up was a huge Aha Moment and lent itself beautifully to the metaphor of Shikhar (Growth).

The pyramids from each of the locations were transported to the main location where all 2800 participants assembled the next day for a Republic style parade along with their giant pyramid creations. However, in order to drive home the element of teamwork and alignment to one vision, there was a further catch. Elements from each of the sub-businesses had to come together for a finale where the business leaders assembled a giant 4 layer pyramid 12 feet tight using smaller pyramids from each of the 7 locations. It beautifully drove home the point of Shikar and working together to scale great peaks. The final logo of Shikhar was also unveiled by projecting it onto the giant pyramid structure built by the group.
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