Pre-workshop Gamified Experience | Virtual Team Building Activity

A Tech major | Pre-workshop Gamified Experience


Pre-workshop engagement | A 14-day experience followed by a virtual team building activity


With the Pandemic still in full force, employees have been required to stay confined in their homes for more than a year now. The monotony of staying at one place and not being able to meet with friends and colleagues had created an understandable strain in most peoples’ lives. While a few in-house virtual activities were planned earlier, it did little to change the mundane situation.

The objective of this 14-day pre-workshop journey was hence to:
• Break the monotony of the work from home situation
• Boost the team’s engagement
• Build team spirit and cohesiveness

Solution & Execution
The entire engagement was conceived in two parts:
1. The 14-day gamified engagement was designed to be run asynchronously through an app. This built the much needed momentum.
2. For the finale activity, a virtual escape room with multiple story lines running in parallel was proposed.

To ensure everyone got onboard, a small kick-off was executed at the start of the 14-day engagement that helped build the anticipation and excitement for the journey ahead.

Once the engagement got started, the momentum kept snowballing from Day 1. Initially hesitant to share much, the participants looked at each other as a source of inspiration and with each passing day, the votes, comments on submissions and consequent participation only increased.

There was a new challenge launched every alternate day. The challenges were curated such that it engaged the entire team with something for everyone. The challenges were curated around one basic theme – to get to know each other better.

The activity culminated with a mega event of (7 parallel storylines) virtual escape room.

With so much energy already built, the only fitting ending was with a video capturing all the fun and epic moments through this journey of 14 days plus the mega event.

Some snapshots from the app


With 56 participants, spread over 7 teams with 16 challenges made a whopping 726 completions. The engagement was complemented by a leaderboard which kept the competition on and an activity feed which kept the engagement going.

Some tangible benefits:
• The participants were able to connect with one another at a deeper level
• They were engaged and were looking forward to each day for it held a new, unknown activity

This is what our client stakeholder from the Tech major had to say about the entire engagement:
10/10. 2 weeks of fun ! Loved it. Thank you to the whole team for making this virtual event memorable for us! It certainly rekindled our team spirit and bonding. And well done to all teams! Despite being Zilwa Confis in this covid period where Mcnuggets are scarce, you stayed as Cool as Panthers and completed all the challenges with distinction. Keep flying Sky High like Pegasus. May the Lightning Bringer spirit always keep you engaged ! 😉 We also asked the participants how they liked the engagement activities and if they would like to rate it on a scale of 1-10, and this is what some of them had to say: • Awesome, interesting and challenging.. Keep this spirit

• You made us wait for a challenge impatiently everyday 😂

• Awesome and fun experience!

• Concept – 10 – Fantastic activity during confinement for team bonding. Engagement of FocusU – 10 Challenges – 10 App perf – 9.5 – it is marginal compare to how we enjoyed it… totally worth it 💪👍

• Thank you for bringing out our craziness and raising our spirit with these challenges

• It has been a very amazing week. The challenges helped a lot and the made the difficult times a lot easier. Got into some good habits and discovered new things. Amazing Concept.🤩😉

• I would say a 10/10! ‘La salle d’evasion” has brought up team engagement at its core and made us motivated each day to do something new. I feel sad that we’ve reached the end but was great fun! Thank you FocusU 😁

• FocusU made me do thing i never thought I’d do, so for this it deserves a 10/10 Very interesting platform 👍

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