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5 Ways To Have Fun At Work

Does your workplace feel like it lacks sunshine? Do your employees look disinterested and disengaged? With the increasing work pressure across sectors, it’s not an uncommon phenomenon. In fact, as per reports, a staggering 87% of employees worldwide do not feel engaged or motivated in their workplace.  

It would be really easy to nod your head in agreement and pass this as just “one of those things that have to happen”. But, if you truly want your organization to thrive and your employees to excel in their respective roles, it is important that you work on making your workplace everyone’s favorite.

How you ask? Well, that’s exactly what we are here for! Presenting a list of easy-to-execute solutions that will help make your workplace transform from a dreary dark room to a corridor filled with sunshine (metaphorically) for your employees:

Let’s start with the basic question –

What constitutes a fun work environment?

According to Bob Pike, the author of ‘The Fun Minute Manager’, ‘a fun work environment is one in which formal and informal activities occur regularly that are designed to uplift people’s spirits and remind people of their value to their managers, their organization, and to each other.’

Now, that we have cleared the air about what a fun work environment means, let’s get down to work and get our plan of action in place

Bring out those party hats!

There is nothing that brings a smile on someone’s face like a handwritten note. Celebrating an employee’s birthday or special occasions with joy, food, and easy flowing conversations can work wonders for team morale. Not only will it bring the entire team together but also help build a deep-rooted sense of belonging among the team members.

Such a friendly and encouraging working environment will have each employee giving their best and taking both themselves and the organization to an unprecedented level of growth and success. Thus, for any performance-driven organization to thrive, it is important for the employees to feel invested and cherished throughout the year.

Humour Bulletin Board

This is quite an interesting way to add an element of humor into the routine office life. You can introduce a humor bulletin board and make it a point among the employees to put funny incidences of their personal as well as office life along with the pictures or even jokes at regular intervals. Begin with a clean slate at the start of every week. You can also collate all the funny incidences and their pictures in a scrapbook. This scrapbook could be awarded to the team member who has made a significant contribution to fostering humor at work.

Team Building Activities

Employees can have a lot of fun participating in team building activities – both indoor and outdoor. You can hire a professional team building provider which can arrange for meaningful yet funny team building activities for your employees to participate in.
Team building activities not only help inculcate a spirit of teamwork among the members but also helps them feel energized and works them to be more proactive. In addition, such activities help enhance their professional skills such as decision-making abilities, problem-solving skills, behavioral skills, among others.

Start an initiative to keep aside a small percentage of the company’s funds for the office parties and various other events. Employees who work hard should be rewarded and acknowledged for all their contributions. Creating milestones that the entire organization can celebrate together is an amazing way to boost employee motivation.

Also, here’s a comprehensive list of employee engagement ideas from our friends at Zoe Talent.

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Casual Fridays

Set aside Friday as a workday when your employees can wear casual clothes to work. Although it might seem like a small thing, it offers a host of crucial benefits to the team members. Not only it creates an extremely relaxed atmosphere but at the same time encourages positive interaction among the co-workers which boosts happiness all around. At FocusU, we call this practicing “hygge


All work and no play will make your entire team a bunch of dull boys (& girls) – Let’s keep it gender neutral, shall we?
Therefore, it is important to remember that your employees are the ones that make the organization. Celebrating with them, acknowledging their efforts, and rewarding them accordingly is as important as monitoring their performance.

For more such innovative ideas and easy-to-execute team building solutions, reach out to us at hello@focusu.com for a customized experiential learning experience and to create everlasting memories for your entire team!

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