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5 Reasons Why Leaders Look For Team Building Activities That Are Impactful

Impactful Team Building

Team building activities bring individuals together as they encourage collaboration and teamwork. These fun-filled activities put individuals and teams in various scenarios in the form of challenges, requiring them to display their skills and competence as well as seek the help of other team members which brings people closer and result in team bonding.

Today there are a lot of team building activities on the marketplace which makes it even more difficult for the leaders to choose the best and the most impactful programs.

Here’s a list of the top five reasons why leaders look for team building activities that are impactful.

Communication and Better Bonding

According to a Salesforce survey, 96% of executives believe that poor collaboration and ineffective communication are the primary reasons for workplace failures.

Team building activities that require team members to communicate and collaborate with each other each to solve a series of challenges or win a competition can be effective in improving communication with peers and managers.

For example, team building activities like The Pixel Challenge can help improve communication and collaboration at the workplace. In this engaging and fun-filled team activity, team members are given all the items they need – canvas, easel stands, and colors, and they are challenged to exhibit their artistic skills and creativity. The challenge requires team members to discuss color combinations, as well as decide roles and responsibilities which in turn improve communication and collaboration.

Improved Team Performance

Team building activities encourage team members to display their creativity and innovation. Individuals feel motivated to come out of their comfort zone and do things in the ‘out of the box’ manner. After the team building session is over, these individuals can apply the same skills and creativity in their work which can certainly help boost their work performance and productivity.

For example, the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Challenge is increasingly being adopted by many organizations to ensure better involvement of individuals, more insights and ideas, more passion, better ownership and commitment and better results – while handling a variety of key and important organizational challenges.

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Healthy Competition

Some studies suggest that competition at the workplace can motivate employees, encourage them to put more effort into their job, and achieve results.

Team building activities such as Team Olympics Challenge can encourage healthy competition among the participants. This fun-filled and fast-paced action challenge is kicked off in style with individual teams marching and waving their flags and slogans and making the solemn vow to have fun through the intensely competitive games to follow.

Networking, Socializing and Team Bonding

Networking and socializing is very important at the workplace as most of the tasks and projects require team collaboration and communication. In the absence of team bonding, it can be challenging for the project manager to bring all the team members on board and making them work towards achieving a common goal.

Team building activities such as the Domino Rally Challenge can help improve socializing skills of the employees as it requires participants to closely collaborate with each other. The “Domino effect” refers to the cascading effect that happens due to a change in one part of the system, similar to that in an organization where both good and bad behaviors of team members have the cascading effect. In this activity, the teams have to create a Domino Effect art piece with no rules or limits, but the effort that the teams have to put in is tremendous and requires immense planning and teamwork.

Motivation and Celebration

After the team building activity is overall you can see is happy and smiling faces everywhere. While winners are seen celebrating and cheering for themselves and their teams, runner-ups are seen getting inspired and motivated to perform better the next time. Overall, the entire atmosphere is filled with celebration, cheering, and fun.

Team building activities like the Willy Wonka Challenge, which is inspired by the children’s novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, involves participation in a series of choco-centric challenges, each of which earns them valuable points. This fun-filled activity requires team members to craft a bridge structure with chocolate bars, candy, and frosting.

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Do you organize team building activities at your workplace? What kind of results have you seen at work using those activities? Do write to us and share your views.

If you are looking to organize indoor and outdoor team building activities, contact us today and we would love to put together an amazing team building experience for your team!

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