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3 Corporate Lessons from the Build-Your-Raft-Challenge

Imagine, one day you see yourself building your own raft and sailing in the water on that! The sheer thought of doing something like this gives me goose bumps. Our Build-Your-Raft Challenge lets you do something similar but trust us the fun is unimaginable!

The Build-Your-Raft Challenge is a team building activity where participants build their own raft and cross the water body to reach the finishing line. The challenge tests the team’s will and endurance level as they paddle across unchartered waters on their self-made rafts, and teaches them how to beat the obstacles which come in their way.

Now let us talk about some of the key corporate lessons which we can learn while participating in this mind-blowing activity.

Always Be Prepared to Face Challenges/Obstacles

Our corporate life is full of challenges. It is somewhat unpredictable as we never know what will happen the next moment. Same is the case while sailing in the water as you never know when the waves or the current go against you but you have to keep your calm and sail through it crossing all the obstacles which come your way. You always have to be alert and focused, only then you will be able to reach the finish line. Through the Build-Your-Raft Challenge we can learn to be always prepared for the unpredictable, and should always be ready to face the challenges which can come our way and find ways to overcome those challenges.

Benefits of Working Together as a Team

Let’s face it: We all reach our limit in terms of thinking and working when we are performing alone but when we work as a team our productivity increases. It’s because we now have helping hands and different skill sets that help us do the job quickly and more efficiently. Similarly, if we have to cross the water individually in this task, we won’t be able to do that without teamwork. Similarly, if we want to achieve our goals and boost our productivity, we should always try to work together as a team. In the Build-Your-Raft Challenge every individual varies in strength but when they all put their efforts jointly, they are able to sail through water successfully and seamlessly, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

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Effective Resource Management

Resource management is the process of planning and allocating your resources wisely to maximize productivity, another lesson which we learn from this Build-Your-Raft Challenge. While building a raft, we have to effectively utilize our resources, because of resource constraints. The same thing happens in our corporate life, as to achieve our goals, we have to efficiently manage all our resources, be it financial resources, human resources, or similar other things. In this activity, we understand how proper utilization of resources is necessary to achieve our goals and how we can maximize our productivity while properly managing our resources.


Once we are in the middle of the water and struck somewhere, we forget all our conflicts and our aim is to reach the finish line, and with our joint efforts, we are able to do so. The Build-Your-Raft Challenge is an excellent activity to learn management techniques and it teaches us the importance of team effort to achieve organizational goals. In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, ”You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at water.” When we participate in the Build-Your-Raft Challenge we understand how crossing a river or any other water body can be so thrilling and a lifetime experience.

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