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Team Performance Questionnaire

Most of us are familiar with Bruce Tuckmans’s model of team development. This typically gets a passing mention as one of the theoretical frameworks used in most team building programs, but no efforts are made to see which stage of team development the team is currently in, and/or how do we guide the team through the stages.

Bruce Tuckmans's model of team development

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Susan A. Wheelan in her work on Creating Effective Teams, shares practical advice on working with teams across the different stages of team development and tools for assessing the team performance/developmental stages. One of the tools she uses is a team performance checklist for measuring which stage the team is currently in. Found this to be a very effective tool while starting an engagement with a team to assess the current team situation.

Creating Effective Teams - book

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The book has a number of such useful tools which can be implemented with your teams.

Do you use any tools for measuring team effectiveness? Do share the same..

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