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How Digitisation Can Help Improve Your Induction Program?

Staring at the screen, both of us are striving to win the Need for Speed race. Both of us against each other, we just want to win, no matter what! I can’t believe he is the guy I was teaching how to play this game about half an hour back. And now I am struggling to defeat him!?

How did this happen? Had I just told him verbally, would he be able to do it? I gave him the controller and explained how to use it. Damn! It cost me a game. I lost, and he won. It’s still hard to believe. I am a pro at this. I have been playing it for a long time now.

It kept me wondering, if I had told him about the techniques to win the NFS race theoretically, he would never have won it. He won it only because he actually experienced it. Is this what experiential learning is all about?

What if we were able to use this technique in every phase of our lives? Be it math, grammar or science, if not taught through activity-based learning, the concepts would never be clear.

Similar is the case at the workplace. It is time for you to flush out those boring PPTs and revolutionise the way you conduct inductions. Inductions are the first impression a company makes on their new hires. Therefore, it is imperative to make it remarkable. Your induction process should not only introduce the recruits to organisation culture, existing employees, policies, workflows, roles, and responsibilities, but should be engaging enough to pique their attention and interest. Organisations must realise that their induction programs require more than a makeover – they need a change of mindset. It is not about changing the content; it is about changing the medium of delivery.

Want to know how?

The solution lies in adapting technologically advanced methods to cater to the tech-driven people of today. Organisations must make a shift from traditional PowerPoint Presentations to creating interactive and enlightening induction programs. Engage your employees in activities that nudge them to explore their new workplace. Arm them with simple tools and technologies like tablets, specialised software and go digital with induction gaming.

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What is induction gaming?

It is a more interactive and powerful method of conducting employee inductions in an experiential format. Divide the participants into groups to let them crack cues of the treasure hunt and help them gain an insight into company policies, work premises, and their co-workers. You might want to add some twists and challenges to make it quirky and memorable while introducing them to the core values of the organisation. It is one of the best ways to combine digital gamification with induction training.

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