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Axis Bank | Team Engagement Workshop


Axis Bank | Team Engagement Workshop


To launch their new sales incentive plan for the financial year, in an innovative way that captures the hearts and minds of participants. The entire incentive plan was based on the theme of Formula 1. Our brief was to design a team experience that would serve as a launch pad for the new incentive plan. It also needed to highlight the critical success factors for an F1 team, including execution skills, collaboration and incorporate the different exciting elements of F1 racing.


The FocusU Team designed a custom Soapbox Challenge for the Axis Bank Sales team. The challenge to the team involved being divided into smaller teams to participate in an F1 Style Racing program. The teams worked in F1 style, two cars per manufacturer.

The equipment involved professional grade carts from the global leader Berg. Running a F1 style race also means setting up a customised track that recreates the look & feel and the passion of the race. All this was arranged end-to-end by the FocusU Team.

To make the whole experience more exciting though, it was broken up into two stages – the Build stage & the Racing stage. During Build Stage, teams had to build their F1 carts from scratch as a team – nuts, bolts and all. For the Racing stage, teams then needed to choose their best drivers who raced it lap by lap, one after the other in “passing-the-baton” style. This was done through an additional Pit Stop Challenge, where drivers and tyres had to be changed. The excitement generated, right upto the prize distribution finale fit in well with the client theme and served as the perfect backdrop for launching the incentive program.

The Soapbox Challenge has subsequently been discovered and experienced by a whole lot of other teams, who have wanted to experience something very physical and with a rush of adrenalin, but something that also brings out deep learning that comes out in the debrief. A few such companies being: XL Catlin, Harley Davidson, HUL, Clifford Chance, BCG amongst others. One thing common to all these experiences has been the customer delight.

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Here is what Kedar Lele, Vice President – HUL had to say about a similar experience:

“We have been depending on FocusU for more than 6 years to conduct team-building sessions and exciting outbounds for our managers & employees. The SoapBox challenge done with racing cars brought an innovative challenge to the team. It is not just about building a car and decorating it. Or for that matter racing it on a small track by choosing right drivers, pit crew and cheerleaders. It is a lot more about team work, creativity, communication, performance, collaboration and finally the excitement of winning, all rolled into one. I would strongly recommend everyone to go take the SoapBox challenge and spend a day learning with and about their colleagues.”

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