Wine Gaming Challenge

Wine tasting with a wicked twist

Wine Gaming is a unique entertainment concept halfway between a murder party and an introduction to wine tasting.

The goal? Find who killed Julien Chabrol, young vine grower of Touraine found dead in his cellar, by analyzing and discovering the identity of a white wine and a red wine and clues found next to the body, all guided by a touch-pad Tablet!

FocusU brings to life this intriguing investigation – through a digital medium, in collaboration with our French partners – Urban Gaming.

This activity, which can take place indoors or outdoors, is designed to appeal to everyone, whether you are a wine lover or not, or whether you drink alcohol or not. Indeed, the participants do not taste the wines. However, it is optional at the end of a course of sensory discovery, fun and interactions.

The participants are grouped in circles of 4 to 6 people, each circle being equipped with a touch pad that will allow them to crack the quizzes, sensory tests and help them to find the name and origin of the white wine and red wine.

Between the different stages of the recognition of the 2 wines, the visual stage, the olfactory stage and the taste stage, the participants are plunged in parallel into the heart of the police investigation by assisting the interrogation of the potential suspects projected on the giant screen!

Here’s a sample of how this plays out: In the oenological survey, the participants follow the sensory challenges and are led, for example, to recognize in very limited time the shades of colour of the dress, which give them clues as to the maturity of the wine; to feel different smells characteristic of certain grape varieties and to perceive different flavours, all allowing them to accumulate points and discover the identity of the 2 mystery wines! The winning circle will be the one that has been the most effective on the oenology and the most intuitive to solve the plot!

At the end of the activity, when all participants have found all the clues or at the end of the assigned activity time, the team reassembles for the debrief.

A few key parameters:

90 - 120 minutes

Time Limit


Where this can be run

4 to 6 people

Team size

8 to 80 people

Group sizes

The activity can be debriefed around broad themes like team work and collaboration, adapting to new & unknown challenges and the joy of wine!

The Wine Gaming Challenge can be run purely as a team engagement activity or as a team building activity. This is ideal as an evening engagement before dinner at a conference. But could very easily be run as a team engagement activity at any other slot too. Whichever way you see it, this is one activity assured to give your team a very different kind of high!

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