The Viral Video Challenge

What makes things popular?

What is it that makes online content go viral?

Why are some stories and videos more infectious?

If these are questions that have tickled your imagination - kept you awake at night - and bothered you no end, here is your opportunity to give it a whack.... Take a shot at making your own viral video!

The Viral Video Challenge
The Viral Video Challenge

In this enthralling new challenge, FocusU will work hand-in-glove with you to help create your own viral video. All the equipment you possibly need.... a wide selection of props - just about everything you would possibly need in the backend, is arranged by us.

But it definitely takes much more than that to make a video viral, doesn't it? Of course it does - and we realise that. Videos that go viral are as much an art - as they are a science. Unfortunately, there are no 5-easy-steps-to-make-a-viral-video! (Else we would have been swamped with them, wouldn't we?) But, similar to hunters who watch the straws in the wind to ascertain their direction, there are many clues from a wide variety of existing successes.

In an engaging session filled with many such stories, FocusU Facilitators bring alive the possibilities for what your team could achieve and what could get you there - before the challenge is unleashed on your team & you are invited to set your imagination free! Here is one such video that one of the really enterprising teams we have come across created:

Do we guarantee you a viral video? We wish - but no, we don't.

There is a popular concept in football called a "head-fake". The footballer moves his head in one direction, when he actually intends going in the other direction. The fascinating thing about The Viral Video Challenge is really this: it is a head-fake.

While teams get engrossed in the science and art of creating a viral video - understanding the possible levers, brainstorming possibilities, enacting the script, editing the final videos & creating a really memorable, enchanting video! - what we are really gunning for you to achieve - is something far more important: A fuzzy, warm feeling within & between team members, a shared memory of creating something really memorable - and a talking point for many many more days to come!

And as the team that did the above video realised.... the journey is really the destination!

Go ahead - take The Viral Video Challenge today!


Download the Viral Video Challenge One Pager