The Biking Challenge

Where the rubber hits the road!

Close your eyes for a moment....

Now remember the last time you were on a bike. Maybe you were riding it yourself – maybe you were riding pillion. When was that? As a student maybe – at college?

Stay in the moment.
Feel the breeze run through your hair...
That feeling of total freedom and control....
Of easy laughter and camaraderie.
That feeling of being at the top of the world.
That precious feeling of being "alive"!

Open your eyes now! .... What if you could replicate that same feeling – with your team in the corporate world?

FocusU, together with Vintage Rides, now brings to you a unique & first of its kind team experience – The Biking Challenge!

The workshop is carefully designed and put together to take you on a scenic ride through rustic villages and farms, riding on trail, tarmac and sometimes over rocky patches to an unexpected and breathtaking locale with a lake! The icing on the cake being a barbeque lunch by the lake! And for the more adventurous, maybe a dip in the cool waters.....

But when it comes to FocusU, you can be quite sure – every moment will be a challenge. Your team will be challenged to track down a trail, crack clues on the way, earn resources that can help you stop at a scenic locale to cook your own barbeque lunch and earn bonus points by attempting some quirky interesting challenges! Every single person in the team will have to throw his weight to help the team succeed. As with all journeys - teamwork, planning and efficient implementation of roles and tasks will be critical.

What you don’t have to worry about is safety. Your safety is our concern – and this is one workshop where you will see us being particularly strict about it. The tour leader will be an experienced rider, who is familiar with the area that you will visit. FocusU entourage comprises of the tour leader, experienced mechanic, helper & a support van which will carry all the luggage and mechanical equipment.

The Biking Challenge is ideal for group sizes upto a maximum of 20 people at a time. Who can participate? Anyone reasonably fit. The rider though will necessarily need to have a valid driver’s license. Participants not wishing to ride but wanting to be a part of the challenge, space permitting, may accompany the riders in the support vehicle; but will miss out on some part of the route (which only bikes can maneuver)!

The Biking Challenge is currently offered as a one day workshop and ex-Delhi only. The kick-off can be at the conference room of any hotel, resort or even your own office – and the workshop ends with everyone returning to the same conference room for a meaningful debrief and sharing of experiences & learning.

As most experienced riders will tell you – riding together as a group teaches you a lot. Add in the different challenge elements that we at FocusU will introduce and you have just the right mix for a special kind of challenge for your team.

If team work, collaboration, respect for individuals and camaraderie is what you are looking for in your team experience, do challenge your team to The Biking Challenge today!