Team Building Workshops in Udaipur

The city of lakes with its pristine waters and monumental architecture is the ideal setting for FocusU's team building experiences. Udaipur is one place in India that offers a window in its glorious past.
The land of Kings and princess offers an ideal setting for our activities to inculcate the message of team spirit, cooperation and courage, the vital ingredients of a successful team. The various palaces and amazing hotels offer unmatchable hospitality for your employees.

Some popular activities in Udaipur:

The Incredible Race Challenge - The incredible race in Udaipur is an experience onto itself. The participants fight hard to win the maximum number of points for their respective teams. This humorous activity espouses the importance of planning, strategic thinking and observational skills.
The Pixel Challenge - The Pixel Challenge is a great activity that focuses on color and artwork to foster team work. The intricacies ensure that every team member is fully engaged in creating the perfect artwork. A prime advantage of the pixel challenge is that this activity can be tailored according to your preference and departments
The Domino Challenge -The Domino Challenge is an activity designed to impart the message, ‘what you can imagine, you can create”, to the participants. FOCUS Adventure currently holds the world record for toppling approx. 4.3K pieces. Have a fun and innovative experience with our Domino Challenge.
Grassroots Challenge - The grassroots challenge motivates you to chart into unknown territories and discover your hidden strengths. Get out of your swanky office and be in touch with the grass root level consumers. This activity also helps you develop product/service that is more customer-centric
The Celluloid Challenge -It takes a great amount of team work to prepare a great video. FOCUS imbibes the importance of communication, team work and creativity through this activity..

Some popular hotels to consider in Udaipur:

1. Oberoi Udai, Vilas.
2. Trident
3. Leela Palace
4. Le Bua, Devigarh

If you want to get a better idea about which hotel to go with, do drop in and have a read at our blog: 10 Best Hotels for Team building programs and team off-sites - Part 4: West India

Contact us if you are planning for a team building activity in Udaipur!