Team Building Events in Mumbai

Often referred to as the city of dreams, Mumbai is the commercial capital of India that houses several top Fortune 500 companies.

With corporate training programs being integral to most companies, irrespective of their size/nature, FOCUS Adventure organizes exciting, fun, and recreational workshops that pulls you out of the hustle and bustle and pushes you to embrace the spirit of Mumbai.

Some popular activities in Mumbai:

Geocaching Challenge - In a technologically sound city like Mumbai, get ready to enjoy a high-tech treasure hunt that enables you to make use of your mental, technical as well as physical skills, as you and your team head on an exciting journey across the largest metropolitan region in India.
Velocipede Challenge - A challenge that takes you back to your childhood memories with the perfect blend of good will and charity. Get ready to solve a series of puzzles and challenges as you make real bicycles for real kids.
The Domino Challenge -Here is a challenge that is specially crafted to facilitate your team to go through a series of ups and downs, as they work towards creating a massive domino effect art piece. Excited? So are we! Get your hands steady and enjoy a gigantic chain reaction created by you and your team.
The Sandcastle Challenge - Enliven your childhood memories by taking up the sandcastle challenge amidst the 'full of life beaches' of Mumbai. Get artistic and inspired, as you and your team put together a sand castle with pure teamwork and drive.
The Celluloid Challenge -Be the part of a film ensemble for one day as you take on the celluloid challenge in the city of Bollywood. Transform your team into a full-fledged film production unit, produce your own exceptional big movie, and go 'Lights, Camera & Action'!

Some popular hotels to consider in Mumbai:

1. The Renaissance by J.W. Marriott
2. Leela

If you want to get a better idea about which hotel to go with, do drop in and have a read at 10 Best Hotels for Team building programs and team off-sites - Part 4 : West India

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