Robotronics Challenge

It is only when they go wrong, that machines remind you how powerful they are – Clive James

Robots + Electronics = Robotronics!

Disney's Wall-E movie and its adorable robot love story brought robots into our collective consciousness. They seem magical and yet – they also seem very foreboding for many. Challenge a team to build a robot and you hear a collective gasp of disbelief.

The Robotronics Challenge harnesses this collective disbelief and pushes teams to adopt a growth mindset to take on a challenge that is clearly out of their comfort zone. Will they give up right away? Will they embrace it gleefully as a playful challenge? Will they plod through the struggle and finally succeed? The attitude that the teams display when first faced with this challenge, tells us a lot about them.

The main goal of this activity is for teams to build a fully functioning, high-tech robot, that can be controlled remotely! Once the teams are nudged into getting started, natural team dynamics comes into play. Teams that do well use communication, collaboration, curiosity and leadership to outperform the other teams.


The Robotronics Challenge is set up like a classic team building activity with challenges that are interspersed in between and the fervor of competition weaved in just sufficient doses to keep the adrenalin of participants flowing. Teams work together using instruction sheets, varied parts and other robotic components to build a fully functioning robot. Teams also work on a presentation to market and pitch their robot against the other competing ones. But as we all know, words can be empty and meaningless. The proof of the pudding is in the eating… in this case, it is in the racing! Can the robots successfully navigate across an obstacle course?

Just when teams think they are done with navigating the obstacle course comes in the finale! Unbeknownst to the participants, the FocusU team would have tied up with children from the local schools nearby, to whom these robotic kits would be the beginning of a new journey of discovery and learning! What a great way to marry an engaging team activity with a larger purpose!

A few key parameters:

Is this workshop right for my team?
One of the transformational concepts that progressive teams have adopted world over is the concept of adopting a growth mindset. A lot of this is attributed to the attention brought to it by Satya Nadella in Microsoft. Under him, the company tripled in valuation – he gave wholesome credit for this to “Growth mindset,” a concept brought to life by Stanford professor Carol Dweck. Under Nadella, the focus in Microsoft shifted from “Know it all to learn it all.”

The Robotronics Challenge gives participants an opportunity to display and truly understand this remarkable concept, in a very hands-on, playful manner. This engaging experience when married with the angle of giving back to the community, makes it a truly powerful learning experience for all participants.

If you are looking for a learning experience that challenges your team, gets them to learn something powerful and inspires a larger purpose, FocusU invites you to The Robotronics Challenge today!

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