Meals on Wheels Challenge

A first-hand feel of entrepreneurship

India is a land of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is deep seated in the Indian DNA. Since time immemorial, we have had craftsmen, artisans, farmers, and traders who have worked outside a formal employment structure. Today India boasts of more than 50 million small businesses!

Meals on wheels or a Food truck business is one such popular business that each of us perhaps has a first-hand experience of – as customers! As simple as it looks, creating this successful business calls for a lot of business acumen. Sample a few decisions that these entrepreneurs need to make:
⦁ Where to park? ….. one of the P’s of marketing, “Place” is a critical decision
⦁ What is the unique story?..... branding matters. Period.
⦁ Health and Hygiene …. Maintaining it is “permission to play” but how to make it visible?
⦁ Marketing …. Online and offline – can any business survive without this?
⦁ Service …. Timely, friendly, wow…. How to do that consistently?

Ever wondered what it takes to start a small business and run it? FocusU invites you to get into the shoes of these intrepid entrepreneurs and set up a business of your own!

The activity involves a few clear tracks that each team must plan for and execute – that take into consideration all the questions mentioned below:
⦁ Which cuisine to cook – and why will that sell?
⦁ Making and branding the truck that will be the face of the business
⦁ How will they communicate their value proposition or USP? Through Jingles? Through leaflets?
⦁ How will they price it? Will someone actually buy at that price?
⦁ Can the business sustain at the current level of economics of the business?
⦁ What is the impact of the competing businesses in the vicinity?

However, as Thomas Alva Edison said, “Vision without action is hallucination.” As the teams work through all these different nuances of running a business, others in the team must also get down to the actual cooking of the food and the physical building of the food truck! The chef caps and the induction cook tops get into action. So do the cardboards, paints, duct tapes and other decorative material for the trucks. The marketing whiz kids of the team get debating about the positioning & the communication, while the finance master minds crunch the numbers. As in every real business, there is a mix of varied talents needed for the business to actually even take-off!

In the finale, teams get to make their pitch – while a well-qualified judge uses his experience to grade individual teams on various counts of taste, proposition, cleanliness and overall business viability

A few key parameters:

Is the Meals on Wheels Challenge right for your team?
This activity is perfect for small to large teams, especially when the predominant discussion is for participants to adopt an “Entrepreneurial mindset” or a “Founder’s mindset.” The activity can also be used to highlight a few other key lessons:
⦁ The role of teamwork in getting a business up and going
⦁ The need for everyone in a team to have a single vision in mind
⦁ The need to balance left brain and right brain thinking
⦁ Leveraging the talent of every single person in a team

The activity can also be run purely as a fun, team engagement experience without any debriefs if needed.

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