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Inbox Simulation

In order to be successful in their roles, managers must use a wide variety of skills on a daily basis. However, especially for first time managers – it often feels like they are thrown into the deep end, without any practice. “Am sure you will figure it out,” does nothing to bolster their confidence either.

FocusU in association with KNOLSKAPE brings the Inbox Simulation, designed to help participants build core managerial capabilities like time management, team management, delegation and prioritization. Within the simulation, a participant assumes the role of an employee within an organization whose role is to manage tasks in a busy day. Participants are exposed to a series of tasks and are expected to achieve business objectives by prioritizing and executing tasks within an allotted time.

By enabling participants to experience and work through such challenges which are as close to real life as possible, the simulation analytics and debrief sessions by the facilitators help participants in deriving great insight into understanding their new roles as managers.

The simulation throws up useful analytics for individual participants that includes:
• Customer Satisfaction
• Time to Resolve
• Prioritization and Delegation Capabilities

A few key parameters:

45-60 minutes

Time Limit


Where this can be run

Up to 25 per session

Group sizes

Debrief can be customised


Is the Inbox Simulation right for your team?

The simulation is specifically recommended for:
• Individual Contributors
• Promotion-ready employees
• First Time Managers
• HiPots

The competencies addressed by the simulation are:
• Prioritization
• Delegation
• Responsiveness
• Strategy
• Customer Orientation

The participant feedback for this simulation is high – with 83.42% participants saying they will recommend it to others. Here are a few snippets:

“Very interesting concept and measuring system”

“Liked the real-life scenario of troubleshooting experiences”

“It provides an opportunity to practice real life situations that are very relevant to my work”

“It was real time data; you can analyse each and every aspect of business”

“The simulation is designed very carefully and intelligently”

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