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Discovering Resilience

“What is to give light must endure burning.” ~ Victor Frankl

The story of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to the Antarctic in 1914, is jaw-droppingly exciting. The expedition was struck with disaster when its ship ‘Endurance’ was trapped in ice, leaving him and his 27 men crew stranded with no communication lines to the outside world. What followed, is a two-year ordeal of courage, resolve, improvisation and leadership in crisis. It is also the story of the triumph of the human spirit to succeed through extraordinary hardships. Shackleton ensured the survival of all his 27 crewmen. What is this magical quality that enables such a miracle?

Humanity has been struck with epic disasters time and again – financial crises, natural disasters, political downfalls, and pandemic breakouts. Not only do these impact organizations, they trickle down to the lives of individuals. They take the form of lost opportunities, difficult conversations, depression, helplessness, and broken relationships. Luckily, humanity has always found the inner reserves and a certain quality that has perennially helped it in overcoming these situations. This magic quality is: Resilience.

The song from Frozen 2, when Anna found herself in the depths of despondency and hopelessness, tells us what resilient people do in such circumstances. They gather themselves, find the inner steel to go on and then do the next right thing.

How can a Leader develop herself and enable her team to bounce back from such adversities? Failure is an inevitable part of life – one can either become anxious and give in or decide to rise above it, stronger. Clearly “Resilience” in today’s VUCA world is not just a “nice-to-have” quality, but an essential one for success.

A wide body of research indicates that more resilient individuals are happier, have stronger relationships, recover faster from illnesses, are more aware & creative, have higher longevity with organizations and also earn better for organizations. But can resilience be developed? Can it be practiced and strengthened, like any other muscle of your body? The million dollar answer, luckily is that: Yes, like every other human skill, it can be learnt and developed!

Through Experiential learning activities combined with powerful stories, impactful reflection and practice exercises, this workshop leads participants in a journey towards becoming more resilient.

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Conventional wisdom has been that the key to success at work, is intelligence or going above and beyond the demands of the role such as working extra-long hours or taking on extra commitments.

However, in modern workplaces that have to thrive in VUCA environments – characterized by staff cutbacks, deadlines, rivalry and organizational change, success relies on an individual’s capacity to cope and even thrive when faced with stress. In other words the capacity to be resilient.

The workshop touches on tangible ways in which teams can understand the different facets of developing resilience in themselves and their teams:

• By developing the skill of optimism
• Taking purposeful action in the face of difficulties
• Using real time resilience skills to challenge thinking traps
• Combating anxiety with deliberate breathing and mindfulness
• Leveraging positive emotions to enhance resilience
• Leveraging character strengths to enhance resilience
• Using practical strategies to develop a more resilient team

The workshop is an insightful and engaging journey for participants as they discover that each of them already possesses the inner reserves needed to be resilient.

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