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Design Thinking Simulation

Design Thinking is a human centred solution for creative problem solving. It brings together what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable.

FocusU in association with KNOLSKAPE brings the Design Thinking Simulation which is designed to help learners change the way they approach problems and problem-solving. The simulation puts learners in the role of a leader of a business that has been facing severe growth concerns and challenges them to achieve rapid growth and great customer experience in a short span of time.

The simulation helps learners understand the process of design thinking – from understanding customers to ideas & solutions to creating business value – in an experiential format. The simulation brings the powers of gamification to engage, educate and empower the learner to achieve great results, and delivers powerful lessons that can be applied in real life as well.

By enabling participants to experience and work through such challenges which are as close to real life as possible, the simulation analytics and debrief sessions by the facilitators help participants in deriving great insight into understanding and using this path breaking methodology.

The simulation throws up useful analytics for individual participants that includes:
• Design Thinking Score
• Performance against Objectives
• Exploration Score
• Creation Score
• Reflection Score
• Innovation Score

A few key parameters:

60-90 minutes

Time Limit


Where this can be run

Up to 25 per session

Group sizes

Debrief can be customised


Is the Design Thinking Simulation right for your team?
The simulation is specifically recommended for:
• First Time Managers
• Middle Managers
• Senior Leaders

The competencies addressed by the simulation are:
• Innovation
• Creativity
• Problem Solving
• Customer Centric Solutioning

The participant feedback for this simulation is compelling – with 96.2% participants saying they will recommend it to others. Here are a few snippets:

“The exciting and mind-boggling situations that we were put in really brought out the design thinkers in us”

“The way the simulation is structured wonderfully allows the participants to understand and implement the design thinking process”

“So much data to interpret and analyze. It was fun landing on a solution”

“The results page that gave insights on the improvements over the quarters and the segmentation of the progress was really intuitive and helpful”

“The depth, complexity and detail of the simulation along with the real world customer experience gave me a lot of perspective on doing my job better”.

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