How learning through a self-paced courseenabled leaders to give constructive feedback,driving employee performance

How learning through a self-paced courseenabled leaders to give constructive feedback,driving employee performance

About the Client

The client makes it easy to understand and buy insurance. Their intent is to “demystify” insurance by explaining the jargon in a simple way and providing smart tools to help a user make the right choice. From search to purchase, the entire process can be completed online in just a few clicks.


The client was looking for a way to embed the culture of giving continuous feedback amongst its leaders. Below are some details:

  • The organization is expanding rapidly and has further plans to do so; the HR Team would like to establish behaviors amongst new joinees that are aligned with the organisation’s culture.
  • The module/course should encourage employees to give feedback periodically and not wait for the annual appraisal cycle.
  • The organization wanted to enable managers and CXOs to learn how to create a psychologically safe environment for their employees to receive feedback actively.
  • During the appraisal process, the leaders wanted their teams to know the best way they can contribute to the organization and their personal growth – learning how to give impactful feedback was one of them.

To make feedback work as intended, everyone (managers and employees alike) must know that feedback is a win-win activity


To create a culture where giving feedback encourages constructive change within employees, and to do it in a timely manner in alignment with the performance appraisal process.


FocusU team offered a customizable and quick-to-learn approach: A self-paced course on ‘Giving Impactful Feedback.’

Why Self-Paced Learning?

The team specifically wanted a learning solution that:

  1. Gave employees the autonomy to learn at their own pace
  2. Enabled long-term knowledge retention amongst participants. The storified format of FocusU’s self-paced courses are highly engaging and appeals to the team.
  3. Did not limit the number of participants and was affordable for larger groups.
  4. Execution

    We customised a 60-90 minutes long self-paced course and shared it with 250+ managers (including CXOs) providing 30-day access to the course. The course was designed to empower managers to:
    • Understand the benefits of giving feedback to their team members
    • Practice ways of creating a safe space to share and receive feedback
    • Understand the art of listening actively
    • Enhance consciousness of biases while sharing feedback
    • Use the SBI framework to help managers share feedback

    To ensure that the managers learn these points practically (and not just theoretically), we storified the course. This storified learning approach not only engaged learners but also challenged them to showcase their learnings by having to give feedback to the story’s protagonist.

    At the end of the course, participants evaluated their newly-acquired knowledge by taking part in our application exercises (which are included in the course to encourage self-assessment).


    • Total Number of Participants: 382
    • Active Participants (Completed at least 1 challenge on the course): 140
    • Number of graduates (scored 75% in the course): 57/ 382
    • 28 participants reached out with their curiosity and queries after the completion of the course.
    • When asked how was their learning experience via our SPC (in terms of content, challenges, and application of the tips), the client and learners gave us an average rating of 4.52/5.

    Participants shared their feedback in the following ways:

    “What I understand is mostly we take feedback as a routine but used to missed out its importance. Now I understand the requirement part also of this”

    “What I liked about the course was it had videos and it had examples and stories that can be relatable”

    “I like the way it started and journey was so good and we can relate it with our daily exercise. I liked the story well as it help to understand the situation”

    “It was really makes me understand more valuable points and how to give feedback. Thank you team Focus U”

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