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Better Defensible Decisions

Every action is a decision

Would you give your car to a mechanic who is not trained?
Or would you consider going to a dentist who is not trained?

How is it then that most companies allow decisions to be taken without employees formally being trained on the science of taking decisions?

Stop for a second to think about this. Do you think you need any training of analytical decision making? If you are like most people, you would perhaps think, “not really!” – after all, you have been making decisions all your life. Haven’t you?

So, let us put this to the test: CHECK HOW YOU RATE

Did the results surprise you? Most people tend to think of themselves as being more rational and logical than they actually are. And the results reflect this.

The author Dan Ariely in his book, “Predictably Irrational” elucidates this through a few interesting examples. What the past few decades of work in psychology, sociology and economics has shown, as Ariely describes, is that our assumptions about human rationality are false. Yes, we have a rational self, but it’s not our only one, nor is it often in charge. A more accurate picture is that there are a bunch of different versions of us, who come to the fore under different conditions. We aren’t cool calculators of self-interest who sometimes go crazy; we’re crazies who are, under special circumstances, sometimes rational.

No wonder then, that our corporate lives are replete with examples of bad decisions that have sunk or nearly sunk companies. Without being consciously aware of analytical decision making techniques, most people (and companies) journey through life making sub-optimal decisions, unaware of lost opportunities. Here is a 4:30s video that elucidates this & the need for informed decision making in today’s VUCA world.

Dr.Errol Wirasinghe has spent a lifetime teaching people, “How to make better defensible decisions.” He has gathered his expertise through over 25 years of experience in optimization, creative thinking, decision making and strategic planning. An Oil & Gas industry specialist and University Professor, Dr Wirasinghe has published papers on Management, Engineering and Economics. He has written a book on the same topic too!

If you continue to ignore the dangers of relying on common sense alone, you are subscribing to Einstein’s definition of Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.” Why does this happen?

Feelings and senses first enter through the spinal cord and go through the limbic system (where emotions are developed), before reaching the frontal lobe (where rational thinking takes place). Thus, we experience feelings before we can formulate a rational response. This is when feelings (intuition) and reasoning (logic) collide.

This book is a practical guide to decision-making presented in layman terms – aimed at everyone: Students, Homemakers, Managers, CEOs, Administrators and Small Business Owners. It provides the tools, and the techniques required to make defensible, optimum, consistent, decisions in a timely manner.<
FocusU in partnership with Dr.Errol is now proud to bring this important course to help make a tangible difference to our clients. All Facilitators delivering this workshop are personally trained and certified by Dr.Errol himself.

What are the different formats?
The workshop is offered in two different formats as below:

1) Better Defensible Decisions (Full-day or 2 virtual modules)
This workshop is ideal for folks who have the desire to have a deep understanding of “analytical decision-making.” It is designed to enable one to make better defensible decisions using analytical tools. All workshop participants are also taken through and handed an actual software tool (instead of just a framework) to make better analytical decisions using data and reducing human errors

2) Better Decision-Making (Half-day or 1 virtual module)
This is recommended for all staff, as they need to learn how to make better decisions. This program is designed to identify the biases / perceptions that contaminate our decision making process and lead to poor outcomes – and how to overcome them.

A few key parameters:

2 – 4 hours

Time Limit

Physical or Virtual

Where this can be run

Up to 25

Group sizes

Can be done


Is this workshop right for my team?

The workshop is designed for leaders, entrepreneurs, Senior managers, analysts, specialists, and industry professionals who regularly make important decisions, to allow them to function with greater accuracy, speed, ease of collaboration, and confidence. Professionals who are in certain functions where they have to take decisions on a daily basis like in the Purchase function, have found this tremendously useful.

However, we would recommend this eye-opening workshop for anyone who has never attended a formal training on decision making as a skill.

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  • Cory L. Smith,
    This holistic approach offers a new decision-making framework that managers in a variety of enterprises, cultures, and countries are using to help ensure that the decisions they take are economically, socially, and environmentally sound. I recommend this course for both functional and technical leaders.
    Cory L. Smith,
    American Express
  • Keith L. Perrin
    The item that took this class from a social learning experience to tangible training was the quantitative tools that were presented. These will allow me to focus my decisions in a manner that is justifiable and defensible. Any decision maker that might be called on the carpet needs this training to defend themselves and their decisions in a quantifiable manner.
    Keith L. Perrin
    SW Engineering Manager, Intel Corporation, USA

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