Super hero: Optimus Prime | Sports team: Bleed Blue
Cuisine: Any food cooked for me / indian | Movie: The Last of the Mohicans
Book: A Suitable Boy, Many lives Many Masters, The Prophet | Music: Arjit Singh-esque/all
Holiday: Peru

Quote: This, too, shall pass.

Nirupama works as a Facilitator with FocusU.

She has lived and worked on three different continents in a variety of roles, the longest of which has been as a facilitator in leadership development programs in the UK. Nirupama brings a mix of different worlds into her workshops. Her background of science and research, sales and communications, dancing and karate, education and leadership gives her an unique ability to connect with difference, thrive in diversity, and find common ground for collaboration, adaptation, and growth.

Educated in Hong Kong and the UK, Nirupama has spent most of her younger life between being on stage or in a laboratory. However, she realised that the isolation of research was not what she wanted to live for. Hence, her work experiences have led her to travel across S.E. Asia sourcing unique art pieces for clients, to landing her dream job as a Facilitator and programme designer in London for senior leaders across the private, public and NFP sectors – ‘looking to lead beyond authority’. A few years back, she relocated to Mauritius where she has been involved in multiple workshops and events, teaching dance, training for her black belt in Kyokushin Karate, whilst spending weekends hiking with her kids, whilst going for the occasional skydive.

She has designed, chaired, and facilitated workshops for HR professionals, senior leaders, emerging leaders, as well as for those from vulnerable communities. Her ability to understand the needs and vision of the client, effectively communicate with people of all backgrounds, and translate ideas into action have helped her successfully facilitate impactful workshops in London and in Mauritius.


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