Urban Trail Challenge

When all you have is indoor space

In an ideal world, we would love to take everyone outdoors to breathe in the fresh air and engage in any one of our fascinating interventions. Reality though – brings us back to earth. Most corporate teams are always running short on time – whether it be for learning or in conferences that are packed with back to back sessions.

But stress not – for FocusU is here. Through a digital medium, in collaboration with our French partners – Urban Gaming, we can now turn any indoor space into an arena for learning and play. It could be conference rooms at office, hotel banquet rooms, museums, castles, farmhouses, factories, homes…. I guess you get the idea by now

The Urban Trail Challenge kicks off with the group being divided into smaller teams of 5-6 people each who are armed with a Tablet. Clues are hidden in the hotel, factory or whichever is the indoor space. At the very beginning, each team has the image of a single unique clue on their tablet and they have to look for it until they find it and type their code. Then on, participants will only have to follow what is written on the tablet. They can answer questions directly on the tablet and use it to take pictures and videos. The tablet is easy to handle and can be quickly passed from one participant to another. When the challenge is over, the tablet gives the picture of the next clue to find.

The Urban Trail Challenge mixes quizzes of general culture on painting, sports, cinema etc. with fun photo / video challenges. In the photo, participants may have to make an optical illusion, make an original team photo, reproduce the scene of a photo that is displayed on the tablet or film themselves singing, making a photo advertising for a specific product, a trailer of the next action movie or a haka in the manner of the All Blacks rugby team. Our imagination has no limit to create convivial and memorable moments. We can also slip in questions about the company so that the journey is personalized.

At the end of the activity, when all participants have found all the clues or at the end of the assigned activity time, the team reassembles for the debrief.

A few key parameters:


The activity can be debriefed around a variety of themes – team work, mental agility, applying outsight, leveraging different talents in a team and the importance of fun!

The Urban Trail Challenge can be run purely as a conference engagement activity, a team engagement activity or as a team building activity. Whichever way you see it, this is one engrossing activity for your team!

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