The Tech Chariot Challenge

Chariots have a special place in Indian mythology. Ravana had one – the Pushpak Vimana, Lord Indra had one, the sun god used to ride one – and so did several other Hindu deities. Krishna of course was the most famous charioteer of all times – having delivered the sermon of Bhagavad Gita in that role. In nearer times, Hollywood movies like Ben-Hur and Gladiator have captured our collective imagination with chariots!

And so it tickled our imagination too….. what can chariots teach us?

The challenge laid out to the teams is simple: Given the materials provided, the challenge is to design and build a winning chariot! But building a chariot, the team soon realizes is no child’s play. Teams have to figure out the problems & constraints, brainstorm ideas, bring those ideas to life through sketches & drawings, shortlist one idea to go with, prototype it, learn from mistakes – and keep iterating, till they accomplish their mission!


Just one small detail that we almost missed sharing here! We live in modern times – so the chariots unfortunately will not be powered by horses. Rather they will be powered by a spherical ball that will have to be controlled by an app loaded on a Tablet PC. But let us assure you, these balls can be just as unruly as quirky horses – unless of course, you learn to tame them and master them!

Clearly this is a challenge that calls for a multitude of skills – creativity & innovation, problem solving ability, collaboration amongst team members, affinity with technology, project planning and yes, patience. The teams that do well are the ones that quickly figure out that “horses for courses” or “playing to individual strengths” of team members is the best way to succeed fast.

Here are some interesting designs we have come across – along with a sneak peek of the app!

Tech Chariot Challenge Picture 1
Tech Chariot Challenge Picture 2

The challenge concludes with the chariots having to race across a custom built race track replete with twists, turns and obstacles. Will your chariot last? Will your charioteer be able enough to steer through the course safely? In an exciting finale filled with oohs and aahs, the team huddles around the race track as the acid test begins.

Is the Tech Chariot Challenge right for your team?
The challenge works well for any kind of team considering the debrief is relevant to all kinds of teams. However, we have seen younger teams be particularly more enthused with the activity due to the technology elements that are involved in this challenge!

If you are looking at a technology based challenge for your team, that also delivers significant learning messages - FocusU invites you to explore The Tech Chariot Challenge!

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