The Rubik Challenge

It is always the SMALL pieces that make the BIG picture – Anonymous

With more than 400 million pieces sold worldwide so far, the Rubik’s cube is one of the most popular toys ever invented. For those who woke up late, Rubik's Cube is a 3-D combination puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik.

Here are a few interesting statistics for you to munch on about this toy, originally called “The Magic Cube”:

43,252,003,274,489,856,000: Total number of possible combinations. (That’s 43 quintillion for short.)

20: Every legal permutation of the Cube can be solved in 20 moves or less. This is called “ God’s number,” as in, even a deity couldn’t do better.

4.59 seconds: Current world record for the quickest solution.

$1.5 million: Value of the Masterpiece Cube, the most expensive ever made, using 18-carat gold riddled with rubies and emeralds.

0.637 seconds: Shortest time it took a robot to solve a Cube.

What if we gave your team hundreds of such Rubik cubes – one for each person? Could you put it all together and in the right combination to create a beautiful mural?

FocusU invites you to the fascinating Rubik Challenge!

The team enters the room to find boxes full of colourful Rubik cubes lining up the walls of the room. There is an immediate buzz in the room that, “Something interesting is cooking.” Soon participants find themselves in smaller teams. Each team has to deliver a certain number of Rubik cubes – and in exactly the combination that is specified to them.

“How many of you have ever solved a Rubik’s cube?” we ask. We are yet to meet a team where more than 5 hands go up. Suddenly, reality sets in. “This is going to take a loooong time” someone says. The more enterprising ones reach out to their ever-helpful friend, Google. The few enlightened souls who know how to do it, soon become the gurus. There is confusion, chaos, ambiguity… all elements of the VUCA world we live in.

Very soon teams realize that if they are to succeed, every single person in the team needs to succeed. There is nervous laughter, hands-on-head, phone-a-friend, healthy doses of frustration, a little anger….. many people have a “where is this leading to?” look on their faces.

As the clock ticks on, natural team dynamics comes into play. Some people embrace the effort needed. Some direct it. Some act as cheer leaders. While some help the team keep an eye on time and quality of execution. The challenge is set up in two levels – one calling for individual effort and another calling for inter team collaboration. All the while the energy is kept at a high by FocusU Facilitators who ensure that teams continue to work at a breathless pace as they head towards the final whistle.

When all the Rubik cubes come together in a rousing finale – a larger than life image stares out of the creation to the utter amazement of the participants. We often hear gasps of disbelief as participants take a few steps back to take in what they have themselves created together as a team. Truly, the toughest of puzzles can be solved, if we work together.

A few key parameters:

4-8 people

Team size

Can be done on demand


Is the Rubik Challenge right for your team?

This activity is perfect for teams of any size where you would want to highlight the fact that a team succeeds only when every single person in it pitches in positively. It can also be used to highlight a few other key lessons:

⦁ If each function does a great job – the team will achieve its goals
⦁ The handshakes between different functions has to be perfect
⦁ The need for everyone in a team to have a single vision in mind
⦁ Taking ownership for an outcome to achieve the overall goal
⦁ Life is like a Rubik’s cube – you don’t always know how, but eventually it all falls in place.

Can your team conquer The Rubik Challenge?

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