The Playdesk Challenge

If your plan is for one year, plant rice.
If your plan is for ten years, plant trees.
If your plan is for hundred years, educate children.

In a landmark legislation by the Parliament of India, the Government of India adopted the Right to Education (RTE) that offered free and compulsory education for all children between the age-group of six and fourteen in India. This has made education a fundamental right of every child as the Act came into force on the 1st April, 2010.

Despite all this attention, most schools in rural India still lack basic infrastructure and necessities like desks. Sitting down on the floor in a hunched position for long hours both at home and schools is a reality for most of these school-going children who are below the poverty line. This bad posture leads to back pains, poor eyesight and bad hand writing!

In this meaningful activity, teams are given an opportunity to do their bit to address this situation. The challenge is simple and straight forward – to assemble play desks that can then be donated to schools, to make a very real difference in the lives of young children.

As the action gets going, teams need to figure out how to put all the components together to make a Playdesk that is just perfect. Teams are armed with resources that are, “limited but sufficient”. After the initial planning, deciding and figuring out of who does what – teams move to the performing stage. But that is not all. Just as they think they have it all figured out, comes the curve ball. A FocusU challenge cannot be so straight forward after all, can it ?


Is the Playdesk Challenge right for your team?
This activity is perfect for driving messages around importance of quality, continuous improvement or kaizen. It is also ideal if you want to drive a message around the importance of having a larger purpose to the work that we do. The activity can also be modified around themes like rapid prototyping, taking everyone in a team along and displaying leadership.

Most importantly, this is one team building challenge where your team will not just take away some learning – but also make a very real difference to the lives of many tiny tots all over the country!

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