The Phygital Challenge

“It is still magic, even if you know how it is done” – Terry Pratchett

We live in a fast-changing world where the physical and digital realms have been rapidly converging for years now. The technologies we use each day are growing more sophisticated and beginning to touch all parts of our lives.

For those of you who’re just discovering this silly sounding buzzword, “phygital”, it means a mashup of the “physical” world with experiences in the “digital” world. The practice of enhancing offline experiences with the help of online engagement to provide users with a personalized seamless journey. Especially with the coming of newer digital technologies and the shift from millennials to Gen Z, the amalgam of the digital and the physical world is turning out to be amongst the most transformative of societal changes.

Sample a few technologies, now available:
⦁ Location based services
⦁ Indoor location tracking
⦁ App controlled activities
⦁ Phygital signages
⦁ Augmented reality
⦁ Virtual Reality
⦁ Wearable devices

The question for all of us in the L&D space then is: Can these sorts of technologies be adapted in a meaningful manner to create a powerful and engaging learning experience?

We believe the answer to that is a resounding YES!

Here is a sample brief we received from one of our MNC clients: To teach the sales teams (comprising 200 people) about existing sales checklists, in a most engaging manner that also ensures learning retention.

The solution:

  • Each sales checklist was converted into a 15 step module by experts at the client end
  • Each of these checklists was gamified using different elements:
    • Quizzes – run on a Tablet PC
    • A variety of questions: Multiple type, Picture based, Scenario based, Video based, Keyword based, Cannot-skip type
    • Interspersed mini teaching sessions by internal “Gurus” who also test, evaluate and grade
    • VR based physical challenges
    • Cryptic challenges that stretch and engage the team
    • Time based challenges
    • Variety of technology elements – 3D glasses, UV torch, Bluetooth and many more
    • A few contextual trivia questions too!

The 4 hour workshop was a riveting experience for participants who not only engaged with the different checklists in a gamified manner, but also learnt in the process. At FocusU we believe that there can be no learning without engagement and fun. The Phygital Challenge brought to life this core belief!

A few key parameters:

Is the Phygital Challenge right for your team?
The Phygital challenge mimics the real world we live in today which is a mix of both the digital and the physical. From a learning context, this being a completely new innovation in learning delivery, makes it an engrossing experience for participants.

The key to the Phygital Challenge is the content and the involvement of the internal teams from the customers end in making it relevant for the participants. It is definitely not a plug and play delivery – which means it takes close to a month of prework and working closely, to be able to roll it out successfully! But when done right, the impact is magical!

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