The MikesBikes Challenge

Most leaders worry that their team members are too narrowly focussed on the jobs they do and don't really see the BIG PICTURE. For example, "The Finance folks do not understand the pressure the Sales team is in" or "The Marketing folks are not worried about the inventory pile up at the distributor sites".

If this resonates with you and your concern is that your team does not understand "Business in its entirety", this is a simulation that's tailor made for you!

FocusU in partnership with interact brings you, The MikesBikes Challenge! a business simulation that progressively steps users through fundamental business decisions and strategy. The simulation challenges participants working in small teams to develop a holistic understanding of business through managing their own company, which they run online.

Through an interactive computer interface, participants will be taught the cross-functional disciplines of business, and how the development and implementation of strategy involves these disciplines. The competitive element of MikesBikes encourages participants to understand these principles and have fun while doing it!

How it runs:

• Participants start as Advertising/Brand Managers of a Manufacturing company and get hands-on experience making Pricing, Marketing and Production decisions.
• As each decision period progresses, participants will be given more control over their company, becoming responsible for Distribution, Operations, Product Development, and Financial decisions.
• Participants analyse real financial reports and market data. They then formulate a comprehensive strategy, starting with a single product focus. As the simulation progresses participants can develop new products and release these into emerging markets.
• Smaller groups compete against each other in an online multiplayer environment. The competitive nature of MikesBikes makes the simulation extremely engaging while also encouraging involvement and learning in a way that no other teaching methodology can.
• MikesBikes uses a dynamic marketplace so that participants must analyse the changing market and understand the needs of their customers, therefore reinforcing the importance of planning, implementation and evaluation of strategy.

Is this right for my team?

MikesBikes calls for a basic understanding of business fundamentals. It can be run for intact or adhoc teams. It is particularly beneficial for people in the managerial cadre of organizations. The activity gives individuals a first-hand experience of working in teams in high pressure situations, taking risks and seeing the results in real time. The whole exercise fosters deeper appreciation of teamwork and managerial thinking in the process.

The whole challenge runs for around 4 hours - and can be done either as a standalone experience or as a part of a larger full day engagement, melded with other trademark FocusU experiences!

If you are looking for an indoor experience for your team, that helps them get a very real, holistic understanding of business, through a hands-on experience of running their own company and making all the decisions - The MikesBikes Challenge! is cut out just for you!

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Download the MikesBikes Challenge One Pager