The Make-Over Challenge

Can you sprinkle your magic?

For the Indian middle class housewife, her house is her kingdom. Perhaps it is for every other economic class of people too. But in the middle-class context, stretching the rupee to maximize the benefits for the family often leaves a little less than desired for her home infrastructure.

What if you and your team could make a real difference to such families and housewives? What if you were given some money by a genie, who then asked you to use your resourcefulness and creativity to transform a home and give it a complete make-over?

FocusU challenges you to one such unique opportunity – The Make-Over Challenge!

This is one challenge that is close to our hearts, even though the amount of pre-work that this workshop calls for is quite significant. From identifying houses and families for whom this will make a real difference, to convincing the husbands to be in cahoots with us – and send their wives away with plausible reasons for the time of the make-over – this is one activity that stretches the resourcefulness of our team too!

On the day of the activity, teams are zipped across to the pre-selected houses. They are then sneaked in to the house, while the lady of the house is conveniently whisked away in some creative errands. Teams need to quickly recce the house, brain storm their ideas – get it signed off with the man of the house and then get into execution mode! The time pressure is very real here, since the woman of the house can be kept away from her kingdom only for a limited period of time after all! Work happens at a frenetic pace, so that everything is in place before she knocks the door!

The sheer look of surprise, delight and wonder on the faces of the women when they enter the house makes this challenge worth all the effort. Just a caveat: Many husbands who conspired with us in making this challenge happen have been reported to be overwhelmed with the out pouring of love that has followed! Don’t take our word for it – have a look at the video below.

The workshop can be debriefed, if needed around a few lines:

• The difference that we can make in others’ lives, when we put in a little thought
• The importance of acknowledging the silent workers in our teams and families
• The role of team work in coming up with the best ideas

The Make-Over Challenge can easily be adapted for offices and other commercial establishments too with equal effect on employees!

Is the Make-Over Challenge right for my team?

If you want to get your team involved in doing a CSR activity that stretches their creativity – and yet touches lives of people in a very tangible way, this is one challenge that you should explore. The pre-requisite of course, being that you also have some CSR funds to give to every team that has to work on the make-over.

Given enough lead time for preparation, this is a challenge that can be run for even large teams of upto 200 people at a time. The activity can be run in pretty much any part of the country.

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