The Holistic Wellness Corporate Program For Wellness & Mindful Living

The Holistic Wellness Challenge

“Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health” – Dalai Lama

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity -World Health Organization

The demands of the fast-paced corporate life has been taking a toll on people’s health in a major way. If you can gift HEALTH to someone, the person will value the gift for her lifetime. Just visualize you being able to gift health to your entire team through a Holistic Wellness Challenge, it’s bound to be a very memorable experience for your folks.

Breathing: Breathing is the reason we are alive (Deep Breathing gives you 6 times of oxygen to your blood which in turn develops high energy levels, Practice deep Breathing)

Movement: Movement is how to keep ourselves going (Human body has been made to move and not stay stagnant (Most National Health surveys mention more than 70 % adults lead a sedentary lifestyle leading to numerous medical issues)

Water: More than half our body is made of water (90% of diseases will never impact your body if you are hydrating your body with the right amount of water)

Correct Postures, Balance, Strength & Stretch Exercises play a significant role in your fitness journey. Deep spirited mindful meditation leading to a centred mind is a potential gamechanger in people’s life story.

Through an immersive session the guests get to experience the foundations of great health showing them the importance of each of the elements.

A healthy body, mind & spirit reaps big rewards in the form of high morale, optimum productivity and lower healthcare costs for your organization. Everybody from your entry level staff till the executive leadership team deserves to be healthy.

FocusU offers the Holistic Wellness Challenge workshop in a variety of formats. It can be run in either Inbound or Outbound workshops, as a part of Annual offsites, Team events or Leadership retreats.

Let’s not compromise on the very basis of our existence; our HEALTH. Take charge of your team’s holistic wellness now and witness the engagement levels and morale soar high for your organization.
Love LIFE and LIFE will love you back.

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