The Grassroots Challenge

Charting unknown territory

Corporate teams working in swanky offices, sometimes tend to get cut off from the grassroots.

This truth dawned on one such leadership team from a top MNC. The brief we received was precise: "No traditional team building activities. However, if there is a way in which the team could work together in understanding the lives of our consumers at the bottom of the pyramid, we would like to do that".

The challenge for FocusU was to put together a gamified experience that at the same time addressed the brief.

The bespoke experience put together by FocusU, took the team - split into smaller sub-groups, through dusty bylanes, to the houses of different artisans. One was a cane artist, another a potter, yet another was a miniature art painter & then there was someone who had created an art form called, "Kabaad se Jugaad", creating art out of waste material like old magazines. The challenge laid out for the team was simple - to make a documentary that tells a story in such a way that it touches people's hearts & enlightens them on the lives of such people. No special effects, no garnishing of any sort here - just the plain truth, to be told honestly & filmed accordingly.

The challenge involved interacting with the artisans and their extended families, understanding their lives, their challenges and their hopes for the future. While doing all this, the teams also needed to think through how to put all that together in story formats. A lot of biases and pre-held notions that people carried in their heads were washed away that day. The large hearted generosity of these artisans living in the most humble of surroundings, overwhelmed most of our MNC honchos. The tiny houses that they lived in, with the sparsest of material possessions - was a culture shock for many. And yet the free flowing smiles and laughter amidst all that, touched the hearts of every single person - and emphasised an old truth: That being happy is a state of mind!

By the evening that day, the team was ready with four different documentaries - each telling a story that ensconced a deep learning experience - and that left every single person in the team touched & inspired. We share one such video, put together by one of the teams, here with you.

Was it a traditional team building activity? Not really.

But was it challenging?
Did it involve a great amount of team work between the members?
Did it involve a great amount of creativity from the team members?
Did it involve different team members playing out different complementary roles?
Did it bring all members of that team a little closer to each other, just by the fact that they had such a touching team experience together?
Each of the above questions was ticked off as accomplished.

The Grassroots Challenge! is a bespoke team experience that we put together for teams that are willing to take such a journey. We can put this together for you in most cities. However, do approach us well in advance, for us to be able to a great job! This challenge is ideally suited for small to medium sized teams of upto 30 people.

If the story of the team above resonates with what you want to do with your team, The Grassroots Challenge would be just what you are looking for!


Download the Grassroot Challenge One Pager