The Grape Stomping Challenge!

Here's an ode to the days gone by when the basic necessities of life were bread, butter and wine. When the hard working men use to get together with their kill of the day around bon fires lit under a moonlit sky tethered with little stars....

Crush me tender,
Crush me slow,
Crush me now,
Cos I have a crush for you!

Grape-stomping or grape crushing, is part of the method of maceration used in traditional winemaking. Rather than using a wine press or other mechanized methods, grapes were crushed by foot in vats to release their juices and begin fermentation.

Made popular by many Hollywood movies like A Walk in the Clouds, this is one activity that is guaranteed to bring out the child in you. The very thought of stomping fresh juicy grapes, which in normal course would be unthinkable, makes people gasp and giggle in pleasure!

FocusU now brings this interesting activity to India, through their very own, "Grape Stomping Challenge", that can be run at select locations across the country. The session also serves as an opportunity for learning about what is known as the "Drink of the Gods". With a long and distinguished history, to truly appreciate wine, one needs to know a little about it.

Hence the session is started with a quick primer about the art of tasting wine. To make it more experiential, participants are also taken through a session of wine tasting by our expert sommelier - where they are introduced to different wines - red, white, sparkling and sweet, to have a better understanding.

Once these basic introductions are made, the gauntlet is then thrown to the different teams. Working in smaller groups, teams need to identify different wines by the taste, look, smell & feel. Leave it to your FocusU Facilitators to ensure that every moment for you will be a challenge. Teams need to negotiate more challenges, only after which they qualify to move towards the vats where the grapes await them.

Yes, it is FUN - but trust us, it is a challenge too. While teams rush into the vats to stomp the grapes on foot tapping music, other team members have to play the role of traditional wine makers to collect as much of the crushed juice as possible.

As the teams soon realise, winning The Grape Stomping Challenge! calls for much more than just stomping on grapes. It calls for intellectual dexterity, team work, the willingness to get one's hands and feet dirty (literally!), a healthy sense of fun and candour & taking your team along. Seeing your usually prim and proper work colleagues all mucked up in grape pulp, enjoying their rise & fall.... and fall again - is priceless! So if you don't mind getting dirty together with your colleagues, do something against the wind today - invite your team to crush the grapes, just the way it was done in days gone by. Most of our Grape Stomping Challenges are garnished with a liberal dose of both wine and laughter, the wine though being optional.

Is this right for my team?

The Grape Stomping Challenge! can be done for small to medium sized teams of around 50 people at a time. This is a challenge that can be done at locations with wineries nearby like Nasik, Bangalore, Akluj and Baramati.

This is one challenge that works for all age groups in a corporate setting - particularly so, for those who believe in the many medicinal benefits of wine as a part of a healthy diet.

Go on - take The Grape Stomping Challenge! today.

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