The Books For Keeps Challenge

One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world – Malala Yousafzai

If you are amongst the lucky few in India who grew up, knowing the joy of reading story books as you grew up, you would perhaps recount how the hours flew by as you remained lost exploring the different worlds the books took you into. Some made you laugh, some made you cry, some propelled you onto the wings of a dream and a few others perhaps helped you through a rough patch.

Did this thought bring a smile onto your face? What if you could pass on that same feeling to others, not so lucky as you were? What a gift that would be! As someone said, “A book is a gift that you can open again and again.” Stories get children to ask questions. The mind grows when empathy, compassion and an understanding of the world around builds through their innate curiosity, as they explore books.

FocusU brings to you a team challenge, that will allow you and your team to make a powerful and lasting difference in the lives of children, through the act of donating books!

In this meaningful activity, teams are challenged to actually put together interesting wall-mountable designs of book shelves that are custom created by us. Anyone who has been in a FocusU workshop before would know, that what looks like an easy task always has some twists and turns to make it, lets just say, “not so easy” for the participants! Further, building a book shelf is just one part of the challenge – afterall what is a book shelf without books being in it? Teams have to overcome multiple challenges before they achieve their goal, “To build a bookshelf and populate it with a 100 books!”

As the action gets going, teams need to figure out how to put all the components together to first make a Book shelf that is not just perfect, but unique. Teams are armed with resources that are, “limited but sufficient”. After the initial planning, deciding and figuring out of who does what – teams move to the performing stage. But that is not all. Just as they think they have it all figured out, comes the curve ball.

All books and book shelfs created through this workshop are donated by us to a wonderful organization working to make a difference in this space: Wall O Books. Not just that, we encourage you to take a few of the book shelfs from the workshop, back to your workplace, put it up somewhere prominent and encourage your other employees to make it an ongoing initiative to donate their old books. Every time you collect a 100 books – you can call us or the Wall O Books folks to collect it and distribute it ahead. What a way for you and your organization to make a dent in this world!

A few key parameters:


Is the Books For Keeps Challenge right for your team?

This activity is perfect for driving messages around importance of working towards a single vision and having a larger purpose to the work that we do. The activity can also be modified around themes like rapid prototyping, taking everyone in a team along and displaying leadership.

Most importantly, this is one team building challenge where your team will not just take away some learning – but also make a very lasting difference to the lives of many children all over the country!

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