Team Experiences

When was the last time you did something for the first time ?
How did you feel?
Did you have the butterflies?
Did it make you nervous?
Did it make you uncomfortable?
Or did it end up making you euphoric?

Children do this naturally - every day. But as Adults, we tend to conform to routine, at the risk of missing opportunities to grow and learn. Why? Because trying something new means possibly making mistakes, failing, wasting time. And ofcourse, there is that one handy excuse we always have – "Who has the time for it?"

So why should your team explore a Team Experience?
Nothing bonds a team like a “shared experience” does. Which is why, a persistent theme in Hollywood movies is about teams that go through the shared experience of a crisis together – be it dinosaurs attacking them or volcanoes threatening their existence. Yes, crisis is often a good recipe for team work. Teams that have shared experiences create a “shared memory” – which is a big deposit in the emotional bank balance they share amongst each other.

The experience itself could be one of fun, one that challenges, one that intrigues or one that leaves members in the team spellbound. Whatever it is - if its done in a manner that all participants are left completely enchanted by it, you can be pretty sure, it has also expanded the horizons of the team in some subtle, intangible way!

At FocusU, we are perennially on the lookout for engaging, energizing and captivating experiences for our clients. While some of these experiences are completely staged by us, we often partner with remarkably friendly, professional folks who also offer experiences that linger on, long after the moment has passed.

Sample one of these experiences with your team today... we promise to leave you quite enchanted!