Team Building Workshops in Srinagar

The cool climate and awesome landscape makes Srinagar a preferred choice for team building events. With a distinct blend of culture different from the rest of India, it symbolizes the different innovative activities that FocusU has up its sleeve.
The superb location of Srinagar creates an atmosphere of fun, relaxation and enjoyment. The great climate adds to the mystic of the region and creates a wholesome training experience.

Some of our team building activities popular in Srinagar are:

The City Race Challenge - This is a race with a difference. Made on the lines of the popular TV show "amazing race", it challenges every team member to work at full capacity for his/her team's success. The incredible race pushes you to the maximum limit and endeavors to help you find your inner strength.
Cook-off Challenge - Srinagar is a place where culinary delicacies in North India are prepared. Hence, it is the ideal place for participants to display their cooking skills. Through the Cooking Challenge, FOCUS Adventure imbibes simple lessons on constructionism, which relates to the dynamics of high performance teams.
The Celluloid Challenge - It takes a great amount of team work to prepare a great video. FOCUS imbibes the importance of communication, team work and creativity through this activity. The celluloid challenge is designed to bring out your inner creativity through the digital medium.
The Pixel Challenge - The Pixel Challenge is a great activity that focuses on color and artwork to foster team work. The intricacies ensure that every team member is fully engaged in creating the perfect artwork. A prime advantage of the pixel challenge is that this activity can be tailored according to your preference and departments

Some popular hotels to consider in Srinagar:

1. Vivanta by Taj
2. Hotel Lalit
If you want to get a better idea about which hotel to go with, do drop in and have a read at our blog Contact us if you are planning to conduct a team building activity in Srinagar!