Team Building Workshops in Puri

Puri is one of the most holy sites in Hinduism and the base of the globally known Jagannath Yatra. It is also a popular beach resort and is located close to the Sun Temple Konark.

The spiritually enriching environment and location of pristine sea front makes it an ideal place for conducting effective team building activities. A plethora of activities focused on fostering team spirit can be conducted at Puri. Contact FocusU for a relaxing, learning and enriching journey and team building experience.

Some popular activities in Puri:

The Beach Challenge - Indulge in some fun and games on Puri’s pristine beaches, rolling in the sand and facing exciting challenges as a team. The activities that are planned on the beaches are designed to bring out the characteristic of coordination, teamwork, planning and out-of-the-box thinking.
Cooking Challenge - Puri is the hub of culinary delicacies in East India. Hence, it is the ideal place for participants to display their cooking skills. With Cooking Challenge, FOCUS Adventure imbibes simple lessons on constructionism that relates to the dynamics of high performance teams.
The Sandcastle Challenge - Take a ride back to your childhood days as you enjoy the sandcastle challenge. Let your dreams fly with this challenge which aligns it to your organization's goals.
The Sand Sculpture Challenge - We let the participant’s creativity run wild with our innovative sand sculpture challenge duly guided by expert facilitators. Sand is the perfect platform and canvas to release and showcase your creativity.
The Pixel Challenge - The pixel challenge is a great activity that focuses on color and artwork to foster team work. The intricacies ensure that every team member is fully engaged in creating the perfect artwork. A prime advantage of the pixel challenge is that this activity can be tailored according to your preference and departments.
Geocaching Challenge - An exciting GPS-based activity that simulates your mental, physical and navigational skills. It stresses the values of team building efficiently and lets you enjoy the scenic localities in Puri.

Some popular hotels to consider in Puri:

1. Mayfair Lagoon, Bhubaneshwar
2. Mayflower Heritage, Puri

If you want to get a better idea about which hotel to go with, do drop in and have a read at our blog Get in touch with us today if you are planning for a team building activity in Puri!