Team Building Workshops in Jaisalmer

No place in India better evokes exotic camel-train trade routes and desert mystery than does the city of Jaisalmer. The marquee monument here is the fort of Jaisalmer - a massive sandcastle rising from the sandy plains like a mirage from a bygone era. It’s hard not to be enchanted by this desert citadel. Beneath the ramparts, particularly to the north, the narrow streets of the old city conceal magnificent havelis, all carved from the same golden-honey sandstone as the fort – hence Jaisalmer’s designation as the Golden City.

It’s rich heritage, compounded by the fact that it is an overnight train journey from New Delhi has made it as one of the go-to destinations for conducting Team building programs for organizations that are based out of Delhi NCR, especially when teams are considering overnight options. Jaisalmer is the only location in India, where one can get the experience of traveling on camels & getting a true feel of the desert.

Some popular activities in Jaisalmer:

Geocaching Challenge - Any team building program should be unique and dynamic. Geocaching is an exciting GPS-based activity that simulates your mental, physical and navigational skills. It stresses the values of team building efficiently.
Cooking Challenge - How does it feel to be a chef for a day and enjoy preparing some exquisite dishes? Indulging yourself in a mouth watering, finger licking, engaging activity and gear up for a scrumptious meal.
The Rhythm Challenge - What first starts as chaos eventually ends with a harmonic symphony. An awesome way to display your musical talent by playing some amazing instruments that you may have never held and playing to the tunes of some bollywood numbers.
The Pixel Challenge – Looking at the “BIG PICTURE” is the actual tag line for this activity. Teams get a chance to go back to the drawing board and create a mural which is later on then stacked together to create the big picture. The activity is usually customized according to the needs and requirements of any particular department.
The Domino Challenge – Steady hands and a creative mind is what the Domino challenge is all about. It opens your mind to think beyond your imagination and create a masterpiece with domino chips. Nothing like breaking a national record of toppling over 14541 domino chips.

Some popular hotels to consider in Jaisalmer:

1. Suryagarh Palace
2. Hotel Brys Fort
2. Fort Rajwada
3. Mirvana Luxury Camp Resorts
4. Club Mahindra
5.The Shahi Palace Hotel

If you are looking at other options in North India, and want to get a better idea about which hotel to go with, do drop in and have a read at : Top 10 hotels for Team Building programs and team offsites in North India.

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