Team Building Workshops in Chennai

Chennai is the epicenter of industries, arts and culture in South India. It also figures in the list of global industrial cities with titles like, 'Financial Hub of South India' and 'Detroit of India'. So, it is natural to have Chennai as one of our top spots for conducting team building activities.

The location of Chennai infuses a mixture of fun, relaxation and corporate environment. It is the perfect set up for corporate training events where the participants can have fun and grasp the intricacies of team building at the same time.

Some popular activities in Chennai:

The Domino Challenge - The Domino Challenge is an activity designed to impart the message, 'what you can imagine, you can create" to the participants. FOCUS Adventure currently holds the world record for toppling approx. 4.3 pieces.
Velocipede Challenge - The Velocipede Challenge refreshes your childhood memories of bicycle rides and engages your full attention while you assemble a new cycle for underprivileged kids
Cooking Challenge - Chennai is the hub of culinary delicacies in South India. Hence, it is the sideal place for participants to display their cooking skills. Through the Cooking Challenge, FOCUS Adventure imbibes simple lessons on constructionism, which relates to the dynamics of high performance teams.
The Rhythm Challenge - Unite, uplift and inspire your team to find solutions with the help of harmonious music. Chennai is a treasure trove of Carnatic music and hence, an ideal fit to conduct the Rhythm Challenge.

Some popular hotels to consider in Chennai:

1. Vivanta by Taj, Fishermans Cove, Chennai.
2. Radisson Blu Temple Bay, Mahabalipuram.
3. Le Meridien
4. ITC Chola Grand

If you want to get a better idea about which hotel to go with, do drop in and have a read at our blog: 10 best hotels for team building programs and team off-sites - part 1: south India