Team Building Workshops in Alibaug

Alibaug is a coastal town in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. It is the headquarters of the Raigad district. How Alibaug got its name is very interesting. Legend has it that a long time back, a Bene Israelite named Ali used to live where modern day Alibaug stands. He was a rich man who owned many mango and coconut plantations in his gardens. Hence, the locals used to call the place "Alichi Bagh" meaning "Gardens of Ali", or simply "Alibag", and hence the name stuck.

Its proximity to Mumbai along with good hotel options and its location adjoining the Arabian Sea has turned Alibaug into a popular destination for conducting Team building programs for companies that are based in Mumbai.

Some popular activities in Alibaug:

Geocaching Challenge - Any team building program should be unique and dynamic. Geocaching is an exciting GPS-based activity that simulates your mental, physical and navigational skills. It stresses the values of team building efficiently.
Cooking Challenge - How does it feel to be a chef for a day and enjoy preparing some exquisite dishes? Indulging yourself in a mouth watering, finger licking, engaging activity and gear up for a scrumptious meal.
The Rhythm Challenge - What first starts as chaos eventually ends with a harmonic symphony. An awesome way to display your musical talent by playing some amazing instruments that you may have never held and playing to the tunes of some bollywood numbers.
The Pixel Challenge – Looking at the “BIG PICTURE” is the actual tag line for this activity. Teams get a chance to go back to the drawing board and create a mural which is later on then stacked together to create the big picture. The activity is usually customized according to the needs and requirements of any particular department.
The Domino Challenge – Steady hands and a creative mind is what the Domino challenge is all about. It opens your mind to think beyond your imagination and create a masterpiece with domino chips. Nothing like breaking a national record of toppling over 14541 domino chips.
The Velocipede Challenge – Time to take a Journey back in time to re live the moment when you first rode your bicycle. What a feeling? A perfect way to give back to the society a small token of love and appreciation in a fun filled and exciting manner.

Some popular hotels to consider in Alibaug:

1.Radisson Blu Resorts & Spa
2.U Tropicana
3.Maple Ivy
4.Fountainhead Resort

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