Strat Play

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

When companies don’t win in the marketplace, it is often because they don’t have a strategy. Strategy is about winning and winning is about making clear choices about where and how to play.

According to Michael Porter, a firm creates a sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals by “deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver unique value.” Strategy therefore requires making explicit choices— to do some things and not others— and building a business around those choices. In short, strategy is choice. More specifically, strategy is an integrated set of choices that uniquely positions the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage and superior value relative to the competition.

The question then for learning leaders is: How do we teach our teams Strategic Thinking?

Created by Asia’s foremost players in the Gamification space, Think Insight by Think Codex is a strategic thinking simulation.

It encourages teams to bid fiercely to become the biggest company in a tech-forward solar world.
The simulation plunges teams into a competitive environment, teaching them how to stick to a larger strategy when everything around them keeps shifting. It’s about balancing the complexities around delivering results, leveraging limited resources, adapting to evolving markets, anticipating competitive moves, maximizing opportunities and managing risks.

This cerebral, engaging business simulation puts all these into play in a team-based competitive environment. Teams challenge each other to secure contracts and manage finite resources while attempting to reach revenue targets.

Basing its design on Dr. Jeanne Liedtka’s Five Elements of Strategic Thinking, Think Insight seeks to help participants gain a higher understanding of the big picture perspective that is aligned with goals and apply it into their respective areas of work.

The simulation calls for teams to evaluate and make strategic choices, as they compete with other teams to maximize revenue.

Through the decisions that they make, which constantly evolve basis changing market conditions and competitor moves, they also get to understand strategy as being an integrated cascade of choices to make.

A few key parameters:

1 day

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Where this can be run

Up to 24

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Is this workshop right for my team?

Strategic thinking precedes strategic planning. Being strategic about where and how an organization competes – that is, its scope and differentiation – is a highly engaging and valuable precursor to strategic planning discussions about objectives, measures of success and initiatives.

A discussion on strategy for the team or organization – is a great way to increase the collective business intelligence of the team and make them more aware about possibilities and strategic decisions.

If you are looking at preparing your teams to be truly strategic, FocusU invites you to The Strat Play workshop today!

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