The Soapbox Challenge

Back in 1933 newsman Myron Scott from Ohio got inspired watching a group of boys racing their home made cars and launched a racing program called The Soap Box Derby. A whole crowd of kids showed up with homemade cars built of orange crates, sheet tin, wagon and baby-buggy wheels!

Anything that crazy and that much fun had to reach Indian shores soon!!! And so, the first official Soap Box race was conducted in India by Redbull at (where else but) Mumbai in 2012. To get a sense of the undiluted fun and creativity of Soap Box challenges, have a look at this video here:

What fun, isn’t it?

And anything this much fun has got to be offered by FocusU And so, here comes one of our most exciting and fast paced activities yet - The Soap Box Challenge!

Get set…..Ready…...Go!!!

In this pulsating activity which has teams buzzing with energy from the word go – teams working in smaller groups are challenged to be F1 racing teams, but with a difference. Move over Mc.Larens, Mercedes & Ferrari….. here come the Vada Pavs, the Champagne Bottle & the Krazy Kataras! If teams are held back here, it is only by one thing – their own imaginations.

As the clock starts ticking the frenzy of activity and creativity reach a crescendo as teams work together to build, design and race their very own, unique, patented versions of the Soap Box. And hey, what is a Soap Box team without its own unique merchandise and collaterals. In no time at all, as it seems to the teams – the whistle blows and the line-up for the final race is decided by the super talented panel of judges. The team with the combined best score for design and merchandise takes the pole position…. The others follow.

Soap Box Challenge
Soap Box Challenge

But the proof of the pudding as the Soap Boxers say, is in the racing! Or as they say in India: “Yahaan Chalti Ko Gaadi, Kehte Hain Pyaare….” In a thrilling contest that involves some legendary pit stops – teams race neck to neck in a relay race, amidst wild cheering, hooting and even goading – to be the first past the chequered flag…. After all the winner takes it all – the celebrations and the champagne bottle!

Is the Soap Box challenge right for your team?

The Soap Box challenge is right for teams of 20-100 people and takes around 2-3 hours to be staged. All it calls for though, is a venue that has enough paved area or a large parking space to run it. Trying to run it on the beach is a bad idea, we have discovered.

It runs well for all kinds of teams - junior, senior and everything in between due to the sheer energy and fun that it brings in. The activity itself can be debriefed around many themes – of using horses for courses, creativity, showing leadership, the need for every single person in a team to throw their weight in a team task, doing a job versus doing a quality job and yes, the often underrated aspect of the importance of having fun in the work we do.

If what you are looking for is a pulsating, fun experience that can be melded with learning for your team – look no further than the Soap Box Challenge!

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  • "We have been depending on FocusU for more than 6 years to conduct team-building sessions and exciting outbounds for our managers & employees. The SoapBox challenge done with racing cars brought an innovative challenge to the team. It is not just about building a car and decorating it. Or for that matter racing it on a small track by choosing right drivers, pit crew and cheer leaders. It is a lot more about team work, creativity, communication, performance, collaboration and finally the excitement of winning, all rolled into one. I would strongly recommend everyone to go take the SoapBox challenge and spend a day learning with and about their colleagues."
    Kedar Lele
    Vice President – Hindustan Unilever Limited

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