Delivering Feedback

Giving effective feedback is an important component of optimizing and improving performance. How managers give feedback is as important as what feedback they give. This has an impact on how the feedback is received and whether it is implemented. The stakes are high and it is not surprising to know that for many managers giving feedback is high on the list of things they dislike doing.

A few dilemmas that managers often struggle with are:
• Should I be diplomatic or firm?
• Should I focus on the other person’s moods or my objectives?
• Should I focus more on the other person’s traits or action?

While these seem to be difficult, intractable questions – in fact there is a science to approaching this topic that is well tried and tested.

FocusU in collaboration with enParadigm brings to you an engaging online simulation that is blended with the trademark FocusU facilitation, to create a compelling learning experience for all participants.

SHIFT helps managers practice the art of giving effective feedback within a safe, virtual environment. Apart from interacting with characters and giving feedback, they also analyse a conversation while being a 'participant-observer' to apply the learning within the simulations. Concept videos in the simulation guide the learners, help them gain insights, and give them opportunities to apply them within the simulation itself. They can practice the art of giving effective feedback and try different approaches without the fear of confrontation within the digital platform.

By enabling participants to experience and work through such challenges which are as close to real life as possible, the simulation results and debrief sessions with the facilitators help participants figure out the answers and gain insights on delivering feedback in their own teams.

A few key parameters:

Is SHIFT right for your team?
Shift is an engaging online simulation that familiarises learners with a scenario that is very practical in their daily lives. It is suited for your team if they have a team to manage. It introduces some very practical theoretical constructs for teams – like Feedback versus Evaluation and Radical Candor.

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