The Sand Fortress Challenge

Grains of sand or Fortresses of ideas!

Ever wondered why children can spend long hours at the beach playing with sand and building sandcastles? It is their way of being imaginative and exploring their creative selves. New research around PLAY behavior in children now reveals to us an important lesson: That when children play and create in the outer world, simultaneously they also create and learn in the inner world.

This interesting piece of research has ensured that children are now further pampered with toys to play and learn!

FocusU invites you to take a journey back to your childhood days - and rediscover the playfulness of the child in you! But this is PLAY with a purpose. The Sand Fortress Challenge! is an intriguing activity that allows teams to build on the dreams they have for their organization. You would be able to see values of ownership, creativity, responsibility and systems thinking being displayed in the sands of thought.

The Sandcastle Challenge

The Sand Fortress soon becomes a prop for some very deep and insightful discussions on what team members expect their organizations to be like. What the dungeons represent - and where they hope to plant new flags. The Sandcastle Challenge throws up deep insights for leaders, albeit with a healthy dose of fun and laughter, about the dreams & aspirations of team members for the organization.

The Sand Fortress Challenge can be conducted wherever there is a beach adjoining the resort where the team is planning its outing - and yes teams that don't mind getting their hands dirty like children again!

If you are looking for a fun outdoor team event that sparks interesting and meaningful conversations within the team, dive right in and take the Sand Fortress Challenge!


Download the Sand Fortress Challenge One Pager