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Real Time Strategy

For Better and Faster Decision Making

Leading a business, organization or team today is very similar to driving on an unknown road full of twists and turns. It’s dark. It’s foggy. You can’t stop or slow down, because if you do, you will miss opportunities and goals.
In this kind of situation you have to heed all signs and be ready for the unexpected opportunity around the next turn. You have got to imagine all the possibilities. The more you have thought about what can happen, the more you have tested in your mind what you will do “IF”, the faster and better you will move ahead.

We call this kind of “preparedness” for quick and good decision-making, as having a Real Time Strategy in place for your company, project, or team.

We work with organizations to develop Real Time Strategies for

• Strategic Planning in a Dynamic Business Landscape
• Improving Operational Efficiency
• Innovation Mining
• Product Developments
• Employee Involvement and Team Effectiveness

Time saving:

Traditional strategic planning takes months – and becomes obsolete with the “blink of an eye” when new opportunities appear. Developing a robust Real Time Strategy that will guide you no matter what arises, only takes days.

Real Time Strategies improve the speed and quality of your day-to-day as well as your long term decision making. They ensure you are prepared to respond optimally to the unexpected, all the time!

• Tell you where to look, what to focus on when making your choice of action.
• Specify in what spirit and direction your solutions must be chosen to meet your strategic objectives.
• Keep you on track strategically, because they guide everyone’s decisions and actions on-going.

Bringing together their experience in industry with knowledge of group facilitation techniques and the Lego Serious Play methodology, FocusU Facilitators help hand-hold your team to take the step-by-step journey in arriving upon a Real Time Strategy for your business.

Contact Us today – we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!

  • "The intervention that FocusU designed was brilliantly relevant for our Management offsite. It was even better in its flawless execution. The entire day, through a battery of varying exercises got us to smile, laugh, put our thinking caps on, connect but above all reflect constructively about some of our key issues. The facilitators kept the energy and encouragement going but knew exactly where to step back and allow the conversations to move forward unaided. We had great fun. We earned great insights and secured our feedforward plan. "
    Prabir Jha
    President & Global Chief People Officer | Cipla