Meeting Sparklers

Light Up Your Meetings!

Is "Death by PPT" an actual threat for your company offsite meetings?

Are your annual planning meets dreaded by employees because of their monotonous format?

Are your strategic meetings becoming a "one way flow" of information download to participants?

Are your induction programs becoming one long stream of presentations?

Do you see the symptom of most participants going into a hypnotic daze - as powerpoint after powerpoint is unleashed on them?

Have you been wondering why most of your employees are not actively engaged during these meetings?

Have you caught yourself thinking - "I wish we could make these meetings more interesting?"

Maybe we created MEETING SPARKLERS just for you!

"Meeting Sparklers" are customized interventions for your conferences/off-sites, aimed at turning the regular, drab format of most conferences into an exciting, fun and participative format. The basic philosophy we have followed while designing these activities is the wisdom of Experiential learning which says: "What you do, you understand!"

Our highly experienced team of facilitators will work with you to design a customized agenda that would inject the right amount of fun and energy into your offsite/conference while ensuring that the core objectives are addressed.

We have worked with many a client in sparkling up their meetings around specific objectives to make them more fun and engaging for all participants involved.

So next time you have a company annual meeting, a team offsite or a strategy planning session - get in touch. We will ensure that this would be one meeting that the participants will remember with fond memories for a long time to come!!

Contact Us today - we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!


Download the Meeting Sparklers One Pager